re jin lee art and ceramics

posted by the scholar on May 21st, 2008
filed under: art, clay, illustration

i saw this simple and handpainted porcelain and dish set on cribcandy the other day and decided to investigate. such beautiful minimal design! turns out, new york-based artist re jin lee, or rj, is not just a ceramic artist but also a wonderful illustrator. and her strong linework is less minimal and more robust to me. a very fine combination if there ever was one.







see rj at her website or at her etsy and dawanda shops.

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3 Responses to “re jin lee art and ceramics”

  1. DesignFlute Says:

    Love the combination of porcelain and minimal design!
    And yes you are right minimal and robust- what a combination of talent she has!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hello designflute,

    i was just looking at your lovely teapot post from the other day on your blog — fun!

    she really knows when to hold back and when to let it go. pretty impressive! and gald you like it too! 🙂

  3. sosser Says:

    an amazing combination of styles! i love all of these. i’d like to see the simple porcelain pieces sitting beside the lavish prints somewhere at home…

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