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posted by the scholar on May 24th, 2008
filed under: art, clay, illustration, wood

here we are up in michigan for memorial day weekend, it’s late in the evening and i am just now getting the best of the week post up — oops! i have spent the day freestyling, antiquing, visiting friends and have been enjoying my non-schedule. there is a certain luxury in having no plans and nothing to do in my humble opinion. anyway, please enjoy a recap of the some popular posts this week. click on the photo to read the article and the hyperlinks for more artist/designer info…


lichen’s ewetube vases and thaddeus erdahl ceramics


chatting about art with tellie finley and shalene valenzuela


rj lee’s elegant ceramics and rich illustration work

i have been tagged by four fabulous blog writers now, so i think the time has come to reveal a little more info about myself… that’ll come next week, along with some cool artists interviews and other happy and random things. thanks for stopping by to say hi as always, i wish you a nice weekend (a long one in the us of course) and i hope to see you again next week!

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