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posted by the scholar on June 7th, 2008
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i had a really good time writing this blog this week. more than other weeks. sometimes i hit snags, and other times it just flows like a breeze. i like breezy thank you very much. maybe it’s because i am stepping into a summery state of mind. i keep telling myself that i am on semipermanent summer vacation until further notice, with no end date. i tell others too but i am not sure if they believe me. 🙂 but it really goes toward maintaining a positive state of mind, even if it isn’t the case.

we have gone from 60 degrees during the day to near 90 in chicago this week. i guess the summer season has arrived. my flowers out on the deck are in bloom and rich with vivid colors. it definitely was a rich colorful world here at roadside scholar this week too. check out some of the highlights below, and click on the photos to read the posts and hyperlinks to find out more about the artists and items…


four questions for photographer-designer tony forte and the clever permafrost design collection


doshi levien’s beautiful backside and dusty drawings from scott wade


the fantastical imaginative world of reina mia brill

thank you all for the terrific feedback this week — i am so grateful that you come over to see what is happening here when there are so many choices out there. i had a good time finding things to show you this week too! the fun continues next week with a slew of stylish, original and humorous quality goods — see you then!

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2 Responses to “best of the week on roadside scholar”

  1. nancyandburt Says:

    Where was I? I almost missed this. Nice read Gigi and nice work Reina.

  2. the scholar Says:

    um, maybe you were trying to clear the tree debris from the storm? 🙂

    i really liked how that interview turned out — thanks for the tip!

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