decisions, decisions print by jamie wieck

posted by the scholar on June 17th, 2008
filed under: design, illustration

this limited edition giclee print by london-based graphic designer jamie wieck is an obsessive riot. the idea was borne of jamie’s outrage over the rules restaurants impose on their patrons. questions turned into more questions and the end result is this amazing, repeating if-then flow chart pattern.





purchase the print and see more of jamie’s work (i love danté’s tea break!) right here.

via the robot walrus

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4 Responses to “decisions, decisions print by jamie wieck”

  1. technabob Says:

    Damn. That looks worse than the flow charts from the gigantic software project I’m working on.

  2. the scholar Says:

    oh, it’s way worse i imagine… 🙂

  3. sosser Says:

    hilarious! what a great find!

  4. the scholar Says:

    that guy is so talented (and funny). 🙂

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