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posted by the scholar on June 18th, 2008
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oh man i am running around like a freak today so this may be the only thing i dash off to you, stupid stupid me clicked private draft on this and it never got published yesterday! so sorry! but i (still) think it’s a good one! behold the lush and magical artwork of australia’s noferin! these richly detailed works come from the minds and imaginations of candy and nicho. they seek to tell us of the colorful tales of carrara island and the pecanpals, some very lovable-looking and bulbous-headed characters who inhabit the mythical island.






boy, am i tempted to pack a suitcase and move to carrara island now…

see candy and nicho’s work in person for a limited time beginning june 20th at gallery 1988 in san francisco, say hello to them on their blog, view their flickr stream and head over to their website to see more and purchase delightful things.

via notcot and drawn!

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3 Responses to “noferin artworks”

  1. sosser Says:

    i want to live in their little flowery world!

  2. the scholar Says:

    you said it toots.

  3. Tobie Says:

    Join the fan group for Noferin so we can get updated about what Candy and Nicho are doing with all the characters from Carrara Island…

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