amethyst pirate necklace (luxury)

posted by the scholar on June 20th, 2008
filed under: design, metal, personal accessories

i’m just like the next guy. i’m all for strands of purple gemstones that are delicately connected with 18k rose gold links, which have teeny kick-ass, hand-carved coral skulls hanging from them, like this one from german designer erich zimmermann, but does it really need to cost $8900? really?


it’s cool, and scary in more than one way.

you can find it at moss, and if you buy it will you please send me a photo of you wearing it? and you bank account number? thanks.

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One Response to “amethyst pirate necklace (luxury)”

  1. carol Says:

    The coral skull itself wholesales for $80-$300 depending on the size. The amethyst are faceted and gemstone quality instead of semiprecious quality. the findings are gold and then there is the labor. this piece was.

    Of course if the artist choose less expensive materials then it would have the same feel for much less money.

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