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posted by the scholar on June 28th, 2008
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wow friends, what a week i have had. between my doggie who this week needed constant care and attempting (ATTEMPTING) to put the finishing touches on my big creative project, i am wiped out. physically, mentally and emotionally. ever have one of those weeks? i think we’ve all been there. i can’t believe i managed to crank posts out in between all of that too, but as i have mentioned before, for me this website is satisfyingly therapeutic. here are some highlights of the week. click on them, read about them, say hi to them… you know, whatever you feel like doing.


brilliant illustrations from chris applehans


spooky snowglobes from martin and munoz


fun facts about sara kirkpatrick, aka the blueberry bandit

thankfully things are perking up. i am sacked out today and watching this is spinal tap in HD. i know most of the lines in the movie, all the words to all the songs, and seriously (and recently) contemplated opening a bakery named cups and cakes. if you’ve never started out a weekend by watching this movie, i highly recommend it. you will wet your pants, in a good way. life is a balancing act as they say so i think, starting now, this coming week will be more restful. we are going up to michigan early in the week for the 4th of july holiday and the goal is to be in a relaxed state of mind by the time we get back. next week though, this space is going to be chock full of deliciousity. we’ve got a let’s chat with some funky card makers, a miniview with a fabulous artist from maryland, my big creative endeavor reveal and lots more lovely things. as always thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello during your busy week — i love hearing from you. I LOVE IT! and now, i leave you with a taste of classic tap:

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