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morsels paintings by megan foldenauer

if you have a little sweet tooth but are watching your calories, this morsels series of wee 3″ x 3″ watercolor paintings by michigan artist (and medical illustrator) megan foldenauer might satisfy you. they’re awfully cute, aren’t they?


they’re affordable too — the bidding starts at $5!

purchase them at megan’s ebay store and say hi to her on her blog.

cashmere amigurumi mushroom house

omG is this the coolest amigurumi mushroom house ever? it was made (clearly with love) by arkansas crafter sandy meeks, aka etsy seller meekssandygirl, and it is spectacular.



bonus: it’s made of cashmere.

i am so packing my bags and moving to mushroomland.

see more of it here and see sandy’s shop there.

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snowglobe sculptures by martin & muñoz

look at these beautifully sinister snowglobe sculptures from pennsylvania-based artists walter martin & paloma muñoz. each intimate diorama is crafted by hand with store-bought figurines placed in precarious positions (and frequently altered to suit the display), which clash wildly with the serene landscape backdrops made of sculpey clay. trees and other accessories within the pieces are made from plumber’s epoxy. once their imaginative scenes are assembled, walter and paloma assemble the globes and photograph them from varying dramatic angles, with remarkable results.








i get such an unsettling feeling when i look at these works, and the fact that i feel slightly panicked while observing a snowglobe is a true testament to walter and paloma’s precise and skillful techniques and vision. how about you?

view their portfolio and contact walter and paloma on their website, click over to ppow gallery to see more, and pop over to george adams from july 10th – august 8th to see their work in person as well.

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laura goldstein’s hand dyed pillows (luxury)

these silk charmeuse pillows from designer laura goldstein for grotta and company are so luxe i might have a hard time putting my head on them. but i would give it the good old college try. i love the hand dyed patterns on these pieces, inspired by travels and ephemera from around the world, and the fact that she uses different and complimentary fabrics on the reverse sides — it’s like getting two pillows for the price of one.







see more and purchase these pieces at the artful home.

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dana robson collage works

i am buzzy doing blog maintenance, working on my special creative project and caring for my big doggie who is having trouble walking post-seizure, so i cannot write much today but i wanted to show you the beautiful works of san francisco artist dana robson. i love the gorgeous handwork here; the stitching onto vintage papers and maps, the goccoing, the nature motifs and while we are at it let’s not ignore the frame crafting either. the pieces give off a flowing, soothing energy which my whole house could use right now.




purchase these pieces at the beholder and see dana’s website for more.

sara kirkpatrick softies & prints: miniview


i think serious looking animals are whimsical, and since i like to laugh, there is something about lighthearted anthropomorphic imagery that i highly enjoy. it’s probably because i am convinced that my beloved pets are talking, reading the paper and doing card and circus tricks to pass the time when i am not around. when i look at the plush and paint work of sara kirkpatrick i know i’m not alone in my ways of thinking. sara creates imaginative felt animals and very funny and expressive portraits of bunnies, bears and other animals. there is a pleasing story behind each worried, innocent or gruff-but-loveable character and it makes me want to know more! so i asked…


q: where do you live and where do you make your art?
a: i live in a little house in athens, ga with my husband and our very sneaky cat. i share a tiny studio room with my hubby’s guitars and keyboards, but i usually end up working on projects in my living room (often listening to this american life archives or an old friend of a movie that i’ve seen dozens of times.) my couch is perpetually covered in glitter and felt scraps and lost sewing needles! (be careful where you sit if you ever come over…)



q: what inspires you to create?
a: i am inspired by dreams, music, stories, film, dogs with beards, cats with one eye, the sound of the wind through the trees, other people’s amazing creations… inspiration is a bit tricky and usually visits me in random spurts. sometimes i feel very uninspired for weeks at a time, and then i’m flooded with ideas. i keep a sketchbook on my bedside table and usually reach for it when i’m very sleepy. when i look back, i find i’m most attached to the little doodles that i barely even remember drawing.



q: who is your favorite in your shop right now (we won’t tell the others)?
a: hmmm… i think my favorite in my shop right now would have to be sunny (below). i love the way the colors came together, though i am thinking of making a little birdie friend to sit on sunny’s head. i get very attached to every creature (or painting) that i make. sending them off to their new homes can be difficult. i actually cried when i sold olive (below, second photo)… i was thiiis close to keeping her for myself!



q: who exactly is the blueberry bandit?
a: i guess you could say the blueberry bandit is me, or maybe my alter-ego. i once made a little softie (it’s my etsy and blog avatar), he was very simple and kind of sad, and i instantly felt like i had made a self-portrait in the form of a softie. the blueberry bandit is shy and timid on the outside, but secretly a bit mischievous and fierce, a quiet little creature that steals blueberries when no one is looking! (i’m not sure i’ve ever actually stolen a blueberry, but you know what i mean…)



purchase these pieces at sara’s etsy shop (and make sure you take advantage of her two year etsy-versary (now through june 28th!) and be sure to cruise over to her blog to say hello too.

thank you sara!

chris applehans art prints

i am thoroughly enjoying the tales, style, color palettes and everything else in these richly emotional prints from los angeles-based artist chris applehans.





see chris’ portfolio and contact him on his website. purchase these prints and more at nucleus.

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