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posted by the scholar on August 1st, 2008
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there is more than one a gem of an artist photographer in the vast sea that is flickr, and when i find them, i want you to see them too. today, we kick off this regular series with some lovely french style from rachel osowiecki, aka la_trollette. whether rachel’s subjects are people, animals, places or plants, her photos are striking, vivid and balanced – and tell some beautiful stories. turns out rachel has a few tales to tell as well…


q: where is your hometown?
a: i have lived in paris for 17 years now. my pictures are mostly taken from our windows, on our parisian balcony, in the public gardens and sometimes in the streets during public events or during concerts. when my husband and i visit our family, i can shoot in the east or the south of france. of course we always travel with our complete equipment, photography bags are always packed first!


q: how did you get into photography?
a: i think i can say that love get me into photography. my husband is an amateur self-taught photographer. in the beginning of our relationship, he took me as his model. but i quickly wanted to know how this thing works on the other side of the camera. fred taught me everything he knew about photography, composition, DOF, etc… on his olympus OM-1 reflex camera. this camera was completely manual and was a very good way to understand technique. fred quickly offered me my own camera, a semi-automatic minolta x300s.


a few years ago, we had a sort of black out. fred and i mostly did black and white photography, as fred developed the films in our tiny parisian bathroom. photography never was a cheap hobby but as digital snapshot cameras were getting affordable, silver-based photography became really expensive and difficult and we bought a sony cybershot. we mostly took pictures during friends and family events with a digital snapshot camera. and as i had some sad family events to manage, i almost abandoned practicing.


two years ago, as i’m a little lazy and had enough to mail the same things to each of my friends, i started to write a blog. i talked about what i saw or what i read, who visited us, where fred and i went for the weekend… a simple regular “that’s my lil’ life” blog! as i read many other blogs, i quickly thought it would be cool to illustrate some of my articles with pictures, and why not my own pictures? i again listened carefully to my dear husband when he gave me some very wise hints to get better pictures. that’s how i got back into photography. i shoot and/or process on photoshop every day or so since.


q: what do you enjoy most about it?
a: as a child, i secretly wanted to be a painter and a pianist. the thing is i’m not only a little lazy but i’m also very impatient. that’s not really compatible with the hours you need to learn painting and drawing or to practice piano. i tried of course but i didn’t try enough to be decent. maybe later, when i’m old enough to be less impatient ;o)


but as i can quickly be a decent musician by singing in a choir, i can quickly express what i want to with photography. photography is also a good way for me to be connected to the world and at the same time to have some distance with it.


what i really enjoy about photography is that i cannot control everything. i learn to give up with details, i learn to wait till the conditions are good enough so i must not give up with details… i learn to take my time as well as i learn to be very reactive. but i’ll never be able to control everything and i find it very comforting: photography remains bigger than me, something magic.


q: what you are doing when you are not taking pictures?
a: processing pictures on photoshop, publishing pictures on my blog, reading blogs, a little drawing, writing to best friend, singing in a choir, doing the dishes, fixing dinner, buying food, ironing (not very often, i confess!), going to the museum, having lunch with friends, shopping, sewing some little things and send them to friends and, the most important thing: petting my lovely husband and my big fat grouchy cat. life is a full time job.


q: if you could shoot photographs anywhere in the world, where would it be?
a: that’s a very difficult question… location is important of course and some day i hope i can go to japan, iceland or canada or go back to new york and new zealand. but what i really need is time to see these places live during seasons, time to see all the little things, all the details, time to meet people, time to capture the fleeting, time to live for the moment. i’m blessed, i can do all that right here, right now, everywhere i am.


see rachel’s flickr stream here, and her blog over here.

thank you rachel!

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5 Responses to “flickr friends: la trollette”

  1. La Trollette Says:

    oh wow!
    You made a wonderful job!
    Thanks so much!

    (i’ll put a link on my blog tomorrow)

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi rachel,

    glad you like it – i love your photos! 🙂

  3. sosser Says:

    oh such a good interview. i love how she expresses herself. and wow, her work is gorgeous. the photos pull me into another world, a place i want to know more about. thanks!

  4. the scholar Says:

    glad you enjoy rachel’s collection — i feel the same way!

  5. La Trollette Says:

    Sosser > thanks very much! I’m blushing, now! Huhu!

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