one dollar sketches (yes, one dollar)

posted by the scholar on August 15th, 2008
filed under: art, artists, illustration

you know, i am a big advocate of affordable art, and i’ve been saying lately that if i were to open a gallery or shop it would be filled with a majority of things from $2 on up, if anyone actually made anything pretty, unique or cool that was $2. i am pleased to report that my prices might actually start at a dollar instead, now that i have seen these wee little illustrations from etsy seller onedollarsketch. the mysterious forces behind these creations prefers to remain anonymous, but has revealed that the pieces start out as a traditional drawing and are digitally colored. did i mention that all of them are one dollar each?




i like the simple style and collection of familiar objects here, and how exciting that many, many more of us are able to beautify our surroundings with a little art. let’s give the artist a big hand!

see what else is for sale and say hello right here.

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