orange beautiful’s lattice line (letterpress)

posted by the scholar on August 26th, 2008
filed under: design, paper, personal accessories

am i writing too frequently about local artist emily martin’s fabulous letterpress stationery? i think not, so let’s continue with her latest: the lattice line of patterned letterpress cards with colored envelopes. choose from warm or cool-toned envelopes.





i really like how these handmade cards straddle the line between masculine and feminine, making them useful for thank you notes as well as gift giving, to those who are smartly appointed.

see the full line right here and make a purchase at etsy or the supermarket.

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3 Responses to “orange beautiful’s lattice line (letterpress)”

  1. Lauren K Says:

    I’m quite certain I’d write more snail mail with these! Lovely!

  2. the scholar Says:

    you said it, toots. 🙂

  3. sosser Says:

    orange you glad they’re so beautiful? i am.


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