stone cold ice cubes

posted by the scholar on September 8th, 2008
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here i sat for such a long time thinking that the coolest swedish rock came from europe and yngwie malmsteen, but of course i am wrong. check out this set of natural, pollution-free stone ice cubes mined in sweden. freezing them for an hour or so is all that is needed to keep your fruktsoda cool. they don’t melt and they are reuseable, which makes them pretty eco-friendly.



find the set for £15.99 in the uk at mocha.

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5 Responses to “stone cold ice cubes”

  1. paula Says:

    do they not stain or retain flavor from the last beverage? and we don’t get some sort of mineral deposit in our bodies?
    that is one of the COOLEST (no pun intended) things I’ve ever seen!!!

  2. phillips garden Says:

    yeah we’re wondering the same thing… do they have any sort of flavor (or flavor retention) because they are awesome!

  3. the scholar Says:

    hi paula and phillips garden!

    the website says the secret to being able to reuse these is to rinse them off after each use in clean water and then store them in the included pouch.

    paula, i am not sure about any mineral traces that are left behind, or if any are left behind…

    now you’ve really got the hamster wheel in my mind working… i want to see for myself!

  4. SweetKali Says:

    It seems these stone ice cubes would chip the enamel on your teeth as they would bump up against them while drinking a liquid with them in the glass or cup.

  5. the scholar Says:

    this is entirely possible sweetkali. now i REALLY want to order some and figure it out!

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