damaged photography (mysterious)

posted by the scholar on October 27th, 2008
filed under: art, photography

I am liking these TTV-styled shots of darkly mysterious things from the equally mysterious Washington artist and Etsy seller damaged. Who is he, or she, or they? We don’t know. Where did they go to take all these photos? Certainly not just one place. How long did to take in pre and post-production to achieve such a consistent feel and mood? We don’t know.

One thing I do know, though: it’s a very tight collection with an intriguing point of view.


I really like the spookiness and sadness and loneliness all captured within each shot. It compels me without alienating me by being too scary.

See more at the damaged shop and also on Flickr right here.

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4 Responses to “damaged photography (mysterious)”

  1. sarahelizabeth Says:

    yes i agree

  2. Lauren K Says:

    Creepy…in a good way. Maybe eerie is a better word. I really love them. Great find!

  3. sosser Says:

    oh, yeah. creepy in a very good way. so timely 🙂

  4. the scholar Says:

    so happy you all are enjoying them too!

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