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eclectonote journals at uppercase gallery


I love these handmade eclecto notebooks designed by Janine Vangool from the Uppercase Gallery in Calgary. Beautifully detailed, there are 9 different appealing themes, like Peas and Carrots which contains imagery from vintage food magazines and cookbooks, or Near and Far, a travel journal filled with old maps and geography book pages. Since each piece is made from repurposed books and are peppered with vintage paper, no two are alike.






I think these would make terrific holiday gifts for any writers on your list.

Each notebook costs $28 CAD and you can find them right here.

stas orlovski mixed media paintings

Beautiful, poetic work by Moldovan born, Los Angeles-based artist Stas Orlovski up now at Mixed Greens in New York, now through November 8th, 2008. I love the mysterious moody color selections and motifs, which leave me cold in a good way.





See more work from Stas and other talented artists at the gallery website right here. They’ve got a good art blog too.

the economy, as seen by marc johns

Whimsical and surreal Canadian artist Marc Johns has his finger on the pulse of the world, in my humble opinion. Here is his take on the state of the economy (which, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily apply to just one country right at this moment).


See more at Marc’s Flickr stream, website and blog.

anthony pack found object sculpture

I love tips, and once again my friends Burt and Nancy are coming through with them, thanks to their keen eye for high quality work, quirky and awesome style and grand sense of humor. I am totally benefiting from the fact that they share what they see when they sell their beautiful ceramics at art fairs around the country with me. When they were in Peoria last month they happened across the fun work of Anthony Pack. Anthony uses found objects, woodworking skills and his imagination to create this collection of wall pieces and sculpture that are filled to the brim with personality.






See more charming fun from Anthony and contact him on his Flickr stream.

Thanks so much for the tip and the awesome photos Burt!

paul balmer paintings

I love these dusty, dusky, earthy colors and the shapes and patterns of the buildings in the cityscapes series of oil paintings from South African-born, New York-based artist Paul Balmer. Paul’s world travels and experiences living in Australia (where he studied art) have shaped his softly abstract yet representational style.




See a lot more intrigue on Paul’s website (love everything, esp his new monoprints!), and if you are in the Boston area, check his work out in person at the Arden Gallery now through October 29th, 2008.

via Le zèbre bleu

sexy people (blog)

Despite the fact that I have about 200 blogs I subscribe to, I also happily live in a vacuum, or a cave, depending on your point of view. Yeah, I read them when I can get to them, but I secretly rely on a few select interesting people out there to show me wtf is going on in the world and also wtf is the latest and greatest. Lauren, I do believe you’ve have hit the jackpot winner for me today. Behold below only a tiny bit of the content from the Sexy People blog, which I truly believe is making the world a better place by presenting “a celebration of the perfect portrait.”





Who is the hilarious genius who came up with this blog idea? I would like to shake his or her hand. Excellent work being done here. And so needed.

via Double Takes

sérigraphie cinqunquatre screenprint art

I need to show you one more peek of what I saw at the Renegade show last month, and then I’ll stop for a while. I love LOVE all the inventive, urbane silkscreen work that the French Canadian team of Alice Jarry and Jason Cantoro do for their design and printmaking company, Sérigraphie Cinqunquatre. The motifs of Alice and Jason are a bit different but their bold styles, high levels of technical skill and unconventional points of view converge seamlessly into quite the formidable collection. The edgy, heavily textured pieces are rough, multilayered and extremely handmade, and their unique style translates directly into unusual print sizes too: from the odd 8″ x 22 1/2″ all the way up to a grand 4′ x 4′ (mounted on wood).








Did I mention that I love this collection? I’ve got 2 pieces right now and look forward to having a few more adorn my walls…

See all of Alice and Jason’s truly wonderful work at their website, where I am really enjoying practicing my reading in French (there is an English version too). If you are lucky enough to be in New York or Chicago, you can view select works in person at the Glowlab and AllRise galleries, respectively.

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