kareem rizk collage art

posted by the scholar on January 7th, 2009
filed under: art, artists, mixed media

ooh am i loving these fun limited and open edition collage prints from melbourne graphic designer kareem rizk today. to create his traditional collages, kareem uses a multitude of materials including oil pastels, acrylics and pencil. he also uses digital techniques to add pieces to his collection. to me either technique produces a consistently meticulous assembled piece, with strong retro-modern influences and intelligent use of negative space.


see more at kareem’s website and etsy shop. he’s also got some of his lovely bird prints available at thumbtack.

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6 Responses to “kareem rizk collage art”

  1. Marc Johns Says:

    These are phenomenal.

  2. the scholar Says:


  3. pretty birddd « roonspiration Says:

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  4. #3 « roonspiration Says:

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  5. josh Says:

    He’s got some new work up over at inPRNT. New work, past work, and the bird series, all up to 24×36. Worth checking out.

  6. bf Says:

    Hi, Barry here from Thumbtack Press. Was looking at old TTP posts and came across this one. Just a quick not to let you know that that Kareem has added new images to the site if anyone is interested. Thanks.

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