2 thoughts on the grammys

posted by the scholar on February 9th, 2009
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ok, if you caught some of the grammy award show last night, i just want to opine a moment…

1. radiohead’s performance with the usc marching band was the most memorable of the evening. can you imagine being a nerdy marching band person and then finding out you were going to meet and play with radiohead???? so cool.


2. i am so happy that adele won an award. i love how she came up through her popularity on myspace, and think her singing talents just flow effortlessly out of her.


3. coldplay is not a rock band. sorry.

that is all.

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3 Responses to “2 thoughts on the grammys”

  1. Beth Younger Says:

    I agree about coldplay, but I do love them. Adele is awesome–but please, how can you not mention the travesty of Stevie Wonder being on stage and performing with the Jonas Brothers? Someone should be fired or sued for allowing the Jonas people even near someone as great as Stevie Wonder. Disturbing.

  2. technabob Says:

    Actually, I couldn’t bear to watch Stevie Wonder at all. Nor could I deal with McCartney’s lackluster performance. Dave Grohl’s drumming sounded better than McCartney’s voice.

    Radiohead on the other hand – that was great.

  3. terry Says:

    my thoughts exactly concerning the marching band. their chance to be one of the cool kids.

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