ky anderson paintings

posted by the scholar on February 19th, 2009
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it snowed again last night and it made me really depressed. these winter months with little light really set my teeth on edge and i am right about at the time of the year when i say that i can’t take it anymore. haven’t uttered it yet though. or maybe i did yesterday, i can’t remember. but i’m sitting here ignoring the bitter cold and putting off clearing the sidewalks around my house to focus on the pastoral tones in these abstract works in oil from brooklyn-based artist ky anderson instead. yes! what she paints is where i yearn to be in my mind – someplace where serene calm is peppered with bits of playful liveliness. yes, i need to be there right now.


more here. ky also sells select pieces at the beholder.

via le zèbre bleu

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4 Responses to “ky anderson paintings”

  1. sulu-design Says:

    I just came across one of her prints on 20×200 and immediately bookmarked it – what beautiful images!

  2. sosser Says:

    great use of color… serene indeed.

  3. sarahelizabeth Says:

    great work! and i’m sick of winter as well!!!!

  4. Lauren K Says:

    Absolutely love the color palate. There’s something very calming about the combination of them. Just lovely.

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