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ghostpatrol + cat rabbit = cool softie art

behold another brilliant art combo. i wish i could see this exhibition of softies entitled while you sleep, a collaboration 4 years in the making. cat rabbit has done the delightfully subversive sewing here, and ghostpatrol (seen here previously) has drawn the illustrations that inspired them.


if these two artists aren’t the same person, i think they should get married and have babies.

lucky australians (or tourist types) wandering around fitzroy in victoria can see them up close and personal at the gorker gallery from february 19 – march 8. so cool!

paige largay photography

i like the strong strong sense of intimacy in this minimal series shot by artist paige largay.


more here.

valentine shopping fun (round up)

late to the party, my head is swimming with all the vday goodies i’ve seen floating around here. some of these items might not make it to your mailbox before the big day but you can still enjoy looking at some of my favorite categories…


romance in photography from jennifer squires, art of whimsy, kayleen michelle and alyson jones


 inspired jewelry from laurie chapman, margaux lange, victoria buckley and stephanie simek


ceramic and glass bliss from lily pottery and jeri goodman


soft-sided accessory love from las lopezlas, fringe, stewart and brown, and linda lye


poetic paper from l2 design collective, porterness, amy blackwell (via) and able and game (via)


love spray from reed seifer


chocolate creations from jean philippe maury, christopher elbow and knipschildt


sweet and funny illustrations from laura george, seaspray blue and le papier


pillows: pooh, humble and veronique

2 thoughts on the grammys

ok, if you caught some of the grammy award show last night, i just want to opine a moment…

1. radiohead’s performance with the usc marching band was the most memorable of the evening. can you imagine being a nerdy marching band person and then finding out you were going to meet and play with radiohead???? so cool.

2. i am so happy that adele won an award. i love how she came up through her popularity on myspace, and think her singing talents just flow effortlessly out of her.

3. coldplay is not a rock band. sorry.

that is all.

snapshot sunday


gordana adamovic mladenovica photography

i think the work of yugoslavian-born, ontario-based artist gordana adamovic mladenovica (aka etsy seller ajawin) is simply stunning. love the gorgeous light.


see more at her etsy shop and flickr stream. you can pop by her blog too!

olivia lundberg paintings

i am liking these monochromatic paintings from massachusetts artist olivia lundberg.


see more here.

caroline burghardt photography

i don’t know if it’s the hyper-real colors or the almost grim expressions on the faces of the subjects, but this cape cod series from artist caroline burghardt feels surreal and suspended to me.


see caroline’s website for more.

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