dodge station pottery

posted by the scholar on March 9th, 2009
filed under: artists, clay, home accessories

my schedule is lightening a bit so i think i’ll be able to write a tad more this week, starting with the serene and simple wares from the napp family of wisconsin’s dodge station pottery. this stoneware collection is handmade of course, and frankly i would not be surprised a bit if the scenery surrounding them informs the work; they are situated in a bucolic village in central wisconsin. i am a big fan of unadorned dishware (letting the food on the plate be the show), and these pieces are as rustic and natural as can be.




see more at their website, or make a purchase at their etsy shop.

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2 Responses to “dodge station pottery”

  1. johndoe Says:

    hey, i love the fact they aren’t glazed with that glossy look…i always prefer matt over gloss.

    have you seen Virginia Sin’s paper plates? I’m so tempted to
    order some…

  2. sosser Says:

    love all the milk white ones!

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