the 4×2 photo project – and giveaway!

posted by the scholar on April 22nd, 2009
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can i just tell you, beloved readers, how much i love the internet? certain websites exist that are so empowering, and through the tools of one of them i am pleased to announce to all of you the 4×2 project. it’s a culmination of a year-long personal photography project that i embarked upon in 2008 with my dear friend sandra soss. for the project, sandra and i challenged ourselves to take one photo a day for one month from each season of the year, a photo that represented that particular time of the year, and how we experienced it in our daily lives. the collaboration challenged us creatively and the results were frequently charming and complimentary. when we finished the project, we decided to take the best 40 shots (10 images from each season, from each of our collections) to create a 92 page, full-color soft cover book. you can find my shots on the left hand pages, and sandra’s on the right.


now, a year after the production and post-production work is complete, we are very satisfied with this creative endeavor that we nurtured for so many months. we plan to distribute the book, which is available for $34.95, through blurb, my etsy shop, sandra’s etsy shop and perhaps even some local bookshops. we also plan to release select prints from the book as well as postcard sets in the upcoming months.


for one lucky reader though, the price is waived, because we are giving one copy away! just leave a comment below to enter. leaving a comment here and on sandra’s blog will double your chances of winning; however, the contest is limited to 2 entries per person. make your comment by midnight central time on saturday, april 25th. the lucky winner will be announced on monday the 27th.


please enter the contest, and when you can, pop over and have a look at the preview! i hope you’ll like it. if you do, you might be glad to know that we are currently brainstorming for our second book together, which we plan to shoot this summer.

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14 Responses to “the 4×2 photo project – and giveaway!”

  1. Beth Younger Says:

    Wow-what a wonderful idea and inspirational collaboration! Thanks for the chance to win–

  2. p Says:

    i woulda left a comment even if you didn’t want us to…even if i didn’t have a chance at winning this. its SO COOL and FUN! congrats on completing this project!

  3. Amy Says:

    I’d love one!

  4. technabob Says:

    Congrats on the wonderful book. I’ve seen it up close and personal and it really is great.

  5. La Trollette Says:

    I love your work, both of you.
    That’s such a great accomplishement!

  6. Kelly Says:

    what an amazing accomplishment! it looks amazing.


  7. Becca Says:

    Congrats…a fine collaboration and AWEsome accomplishment, indeed!!
    I’ve been a schmuck of a bloghound all winter(feigning busy-ness!), but got a wild hair up my butt today and lo & behold…a contest!!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I win while checking out your preview & Sandra’s blog too!!

    Be well,

  8. Ann Wilkinson Says:

    what a wonderful idea for a book, and it looks like you’ve done a super job putting it together. it’s such a great concept!!! very, very inspiring, gigi!!!

  9. vivienne strauss Says:

    what a wonderful collaboration!

  10. Junye Says:

    It inspires me to take interesting images of my daily life and compile into a little book too!

    Hope to see more of both of your works.

  11. shalini Says:

    Congrats….the book looks really great!

  12. Christin Says:

    This looks great! Thanks for the chance:)

  13. Brian Says:

    Free? Did I hear the magic word “Free”?

    Congratulations on debuting your book. I have a couple of friends working on getting their own books published (one self-published, one traditionally), and I know what a lot of work goes into getting everything just right before it goes to press.

    Knowing the quality of your photography, I am sure it is a thing of joy. So even if I can’t have the freebie, I will almost certainly buy a copy soon.

  14. Morgan Says:

    So pretty! Such a cool idea, and how fabulous is it that you had a friend to do it with?! I need photography buddies!

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