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2 thoughts on the grammys

ok, if you caught some of the grammy award show last night, i just want to opine a moment…

1. radiohead’s performance with the usc marching band was the most memorable of the evening. can you imagine being a nerdy marching band person and then finding out you were going to meet and play with radiohead???? so cool.

2. i am so happy that adele won an award. i love how she came up through her popularity on myspace, and think her singing talents just flow effortlessly out of her.

3. coldplay is not a rock band. sorry.

that is all.

cath riley illustrations

they’re floating around out here in the ether on several sites, but i must mention these pencil drawings from cath riley. they are maddeningly good.




more here.

via it’s nice that

the art of misty mawn

i think these heavily textured paintings with their substantial layers and sensitive motifs from virginia artist misty mawn are so very beautiful. i see restrained exuberance, and graphic details that for some reason don’t feel that noisy. how does she do that?


say hi to misty on her blog and be sure to check out her flickr stream for more artwork and photography.

kristen flemington photography

interesting ideas in the work of portland artist kristen flemington. this series is called a trust in winged things and is pencil and paint drawings combined with photography. it is meant to explore the delicate relationship between humans and nature and to recall a time when neither was afraid of the other.


see more at kristen’s website (where there are more though-provoking project sets like the unofficial study of indiana) and also on her flickr stream.

grant haffner paintings

i love the vivid colors in these simple mixed media compositions from new york artist grant haffner. They’re a direct translation of what he sees while in his truck on the road. i love the long leading lines the pavement provides, and of course the slightly askew telephone poles. the pieces are primarily composed of acrylic, pencil and marker.


see more at grant’s website.

jenny sue kostecki-shaw paintings

i love the ethereal feel to these mixed media paintings from new mexico artist jenny sue kostecki-shaw. the themes are breezy but the colors are grounding. they remind me of poems i’ve written in dreams.


jenny is also a talented illustrator, and her website is a glistening playground of fun. do check it out!

dave stolte illustrations

lots and lots of fun characters in this layered digital illustration work from talented california artist dave stolte.


LOVE the hoopbacca!

see more at dave’s website. find select prints at his etsy shop.

meg wachter photography

loving this humorous dumped! collection of portraits in the intriguing portfolio from brooklyn-based photographer meg wachter.


see more at meg’s website.

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