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summertime fun – and a writing update


we went to the lake last weekend

if anyone out there has been wondering why there hasn’t been much posting around here, it’s because i impulsively semi-decided to give myself some time off from the computer. i am trying to get outside for myself and with my other beloved dog nessums and get some serious bonding time in while the weather is good around here. he sort of got the shaft when kaiser was sick, but now that he is the top dog (and the only dog) in the house, he is enjoying lots of long solo walks.

my mailbox is full of blog submissions and tips, which i am very happy to receive. keep them coming, but please know that i will probably not be starting up the daily posting until july or august. i am having way too much fun in the sun right now.

thanks for stopping by, and i hope you all are having a lovely summer too!

the winner is…

i am pleased to report that the winner of the 4×2 photo book contest is paula! congratulations to you!


many MANY thanks to all of you who dropped by and left comments – i am grateful to all the wonderful friends who have supported and encouraged my photography and our project, whether in person or online. big virtual hug now. 🙂

paws for charity

You may or may not remember that I had a few projects in the works photography-wise, and I am pleased to tell you about the first one now. One of my photographs was selected for the Paws for Charity art book photo project, organized by Sara Harley! I am pleased to announce that the book has been published and is available now.

pawsforcharitybook 2009

2009 was the first year for this project, and there was a call for submissions of original art and photographic images from the US, UK, and Canada. Nearly 100 submissions were received, but only 37 were chosen to create the 40 page book, which features dogs, cats and one teddy bear (the paws part). ALL proceeds raised will be donated to the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade (the charity part).

As it turns out, others have also recognized the book and its noble cause: the staff at blurb (where the book is available for purchase) has selected it as one of their favorites. It’s also currently a bestseller in their bookshop too. Hurrah!


I think the book would make a great gift (to yourself) and would be a lovely addition to any animal lover’s bookshelf (in your house). The price is a very reasonable $17.95 for the softcover edition, and you can purchase it right here.

I am deeply honored (and very grateful to Sara) for all her efforts in organizing this project and for including me, especially with the selected image (featuring that goofy photogenic Kaiser dog). We continue to mourn his recent passing, but it truly gives us comfort to see the wonderful company he is keeping among the pages. I hope the book remains on the best seller list for a long, long time.

off to nola…

i can’t believe it’s 11 am already, that it’s thursday and that i am off to nola this weekend for a visit with the in laws. what happened to the week?


i have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the respite/restart/inspiration i need to begin writing posts again! i also plan to give the new camera a good workout while i am down there, so maybe if i don’t say anything i can still tell you a story when i get back.

whatever happens though, i want to let you know that plans to embark on an odyssey filled with chicory coffee, powdered sugar and gumbo will be underway directly. have a lovely weekend!

many thanks


photo by barca

many thanks to you all for your comments, emails and condolences about my dog kaiser. things are continuing to get better around here, and i am grateful for the support. also, thanks for bearing with me as i continue to jump back onto this blogging bandwagon. it’s not that there aren’t plenty of wonderful things to report on, it’s the number of hours in the day. i’m sure you can relate. 🙂

a sad day

we had to put our beloved 12 year old dog kaiser to sleep yesterday. he was no longer able to walk and could not place any weight on either of his back legs. we had been lugging him around in a sling and harness for months now, at 94 pounds, because he couldn’t go on the stairs but was still able to use at least one rear leg to hold himself up. he just couldn’t do it anymore, and we did not want him to suffer any longer than he needed to.


in his robust years he was 20 pounds heavier, bold and protective, with a magnificent head the size of a mailbox. he smiled frequently, was very vocal when he thought something was unfair, or he wanted to eat our clementines. he walked like a tiger, all sinewy and sleek and when he had open space to run and you were lucky enough to witness it, it was one of the most gorgeous things you could ever see. i loved him as much as a person could love a dog, even though he truly tried my patience at times. you can see that from this photo taken a few years ago, before he had the surgery on his spine. i look like i am strangling him, which makes me laugh, until i remember that i can’t do that anymore.

i could blame my lack of blog writing for the last few weeks on this, but i won’t. i haven’t been writing because i am working on a new series of photographs for my etsy shop, and a photo collaboration with a dear friend. these projects have been occupying my time, taking precedence over this website, which makes me feel oddly guilty about not writing, but this is the way things are falling into place and i choose not to fight it.

today though, today i just don’t feel like doing anything.

there will never be another kaiser and i will miss him for a very long time.

historic moment



gone but not forgotten finger puppets

these little gone but not forgotten crocheted finger puppets of deceased popular culture icons by designer francesca basilico for i golfini della nonna are darkly amusing. and sad.


the set includes heath ledger, the maharishi maresh yogi, yves saint laurent and other noteworthy people.

find them at moss.

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