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un bon weekend

I feel like it has been a while since I said “so long, I am off to Michigan for the weekend” because of all the health issues with the animals in my house this summer. I’m saying it now though. We are sneaking off for a long rejuvenating weekend, one that consists of not staring at computers till we go cross-eyed, trying to focus on the tiny screens of our cell phones or having to stop some fun or creative activity so we can hurry off to go do some errand thing that needs to get done right away. Sick of that.


I hope your weekend is a happy and relaxing one as well!

because it’s funny



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hannah waldron illustrations

it is clear from her illustrations that uk artist hannah waldron has a great sense of style and color. hannah enjoys creating delicate, nonexistent worlds and places in her limited edition screenprints, perhaps as much as i enjoy exploring them.


hannah_waldron_illustrations_tonight _i_am_an_owl_print


see more from hannah right here, and if you’re in or near london, catch her show at the old shoreditch station, which opens tonight and runs through october 8th, 2008.

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i ain’t your papi

if you have about three minutes today, watch this video to see only one of the myriad reasons why cops is my favorite show.

target dorm commercial

it’s that time of year when i wax nostalgic about heading off to the hallowed halls and oak lined quads of tulane to get my learning paper, so i am really enjoying this television commercial for target.

i wish this was the kind of roommate experience i had – a dance off! instead i got paired with a long island princess who brought a freezer bag full of weed and a big clear red transparent plastic bong that our resident advisor thought was a vase (not kidding).

ah, youth.

sabrina hirsch digital illustrations

these mysterious, large size (24″ x 36″) digital prints from seattle artist and boutique owner sabrina hirsch have really got my mind going in wild directions.


sabrina_hirsch_illustrations_cherry_tomatoes sabrina_hirsch_illustrations_grapes


i am inspired by that purple.

see more intrigue at sabrina’s etsy shop and say hello to her on her blog.

happy blogiversary, or it’s all about me

warning: self-centered post chock full of funny facts about me ahead!

self portrait 2 470

more than a few weeks ago i was tagged by four fine bloggy friends and asked to reveal several random/quirky things about myself, as well as tell you what i sites i personally enjoy visiting. i have put this off for a while for a variety of reasons, i think mainly because i don’t think i’m very interesting. but once i realized that not being very interesting could count towards one of my revealing facts, i decided to take the plunge…

– i am a freak about spelling and typos. i frequently see misspelled signs, and tell myself (or others that are in the car with me) that “somebody paid cash money for that sign” aloud. i think my favorites signwise were the “newspapars” sign i saw in philadelphia once, and the “best tacos in tawn” here in chicago, where i reside. in grade school i got 100 on every single spelling test up until the 4th grade, when i received a 95. i was quite beside myself and indignantly went over to fellow classmate megan quinlask, who had been assigned the dubious duty of correcting the tests. when i pointed out that she had made a mistake in scoring my test, she pointed at my paper and said “you got one wrong. fourty.” fourty! fourty! i will never forget that. especially because that is how old i became this past may. stupid fourty. ruined my record.

letterpress blocks470

– on my business card, i describe myself as a raconteur and bon vivant. i don’t weave tales out of the air, i tell it like it is, and usually it sounds like something someone would have made up, because sometimes nutty things happen, you know? i started describing myself this way after i heard gene rayburn introduce charles nelson reilly on the match game this way.

– this month of june that just passed marked my one year blogiversary. hurrah! i have gone through regular periods of burn out and elation writing almost every day. it has been a lot of fun and it hasn’t stopped yet, so i will continue to hunt and peck and dig up as much original content as this space can hold. i love all the friendships around the world that have come out of this website. it is a strong positive thing and it powers me through the down times when they come sweeping through around here.


– my love of reading was cultivated by my parents when i was a child, and continues to this day, although i read more online than in books these days, and i have the dry eyes to prove it. i have carefully selected the sites in my blogroll for the quality content and sparkling writing. these people have a point of view or style i thoroughly enjoy. please pay them a visit when you have time, and you won’t be disappointed!

gnome on the wall 470

– out of all the myriad ways to express oneself in an artistic way, i like photography the best. i have always been attracted to and inspired by slightly askew, out of focus, beautifully composed photographs, so without further ado, i am nervous and happy and pleased to announce the grand opening of my own digital photography shop on etsy! i have been working hard on this for months and months and months, shooting, editing, re-editing, trashing, researching, biting my nails, and ultimately taking the plunge. nothing would please me more if you were to head on over there and take a peek. i am starting out slowly so there are only a handful of images right now, but there are lots more to come. let me know if your philosophy about photography is similar to mine, and i hope you enjoy them if you have a look!

sick as a dog

my dog kaiser had emergency spinal surgery on friday. he couldn’t walk on thursday and we took him to the vet, where they found a herniated disc in his neck. he had to have the surgery or he would become paralyzed. he is recovering but is unable to stand up or walk on his own, so i am a big time rehab nurse right now. there’s a lot of flipping and cleaning and laundering and grooming going on and neither of us are too thrilled about it, but i can see that slowly, with great effort and difficulty, he is getting better. because of this there likely will be sporadic posting this week, and i apologize for that.


right before he started to become immobile

thanks for your patience.

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