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munire kirmaci dual salt and pepper

oh my what a brilliant stainless steel salt and pepper we have here from new york-based industrial designer munire kirmaci. as you can see it is two-in-one, and you simply tilt one end or the other for your preferred seasoning combination.



minimal and perfect. what a great gift for a design-loving dinner party doyenne.

find it for $65 at moma, and contact munire right here.

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silver and gold candy necklace

i used to love those chalky pastel candy necklaces when i was a kid, and now i can have a permanent reminder of a favorite childhood memory with this silver and gold-plated necklace from the clever folks at atypyk.


i love the styling in this photo that makes it look like some of the “candies” have been eaten.

85€ (us $119) and a lot more witty products right here.


cool and clever chocolate-pencils

look at these terrific chocolate pencils used for enhancing desserts. they were a creative collaboration between renowned boutique patissier tsujiguchi hironobu and architect oki sako for his company nendo. the set includes chocolate of varying intensity and comes with a special “sharpener” to put as little or as many shavings you like on your sweet treat!




someone clever needs to make a (tuile cookie or meringue) dessert that looks like “crumpled” pieces of “paper” that is sitting in a (cookie cup) “trash can” with the shavings sitting on the very top of the pile.

or you could just sharpen in onto your cake. whatever works best.

sadly, this special item is only available in japan right now. the best place to find it is in one of tsujiguchi’s shops in tokyo.

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amuse bouche jewelry by blue poppy

in the food world, an amuse bouche is a tiny bite-sized morsel served before the hors d’Å“uvre or first course of a meal. they serve to tickle the taste buds, are representative of the chef’s culinary style and prepare you for the rest of the meal. now, can you imagine what an amuse bouche for would look like in jewelry form? wonder no more!

look at these fabulous amuse bouche rings from california artists jill redman and erin lockwood for their blue poppy jewelry line. they’re made of actual spices (like cloves, cayenne and wasabi on the left side below) that are encased in resin and then inlaid with teeny drops of sterling silver by hand (of course).



beautiful flowing color + organic shapes + fun talking point for your next dinner party = two thumbs up!

they also have spice earrings in an extensive color palette, just in case you’d like to complete your ensemble.

purchase the rings at uncommon goods, and be sure to see jill and erin’s website for more inspiring excitement.

fun and clever popmat placemats

oh how i love these popmats — placemats with pop up placecards built right into the clever design! simply pop and fold the cut out up to designate where people will be seated – so easy! they’re made of heavyweight paper in a lovely cream color and are 13″ x 17″. choose from a birdcage with chair, fencepost mailbox or leafy little tree.



available in sets of ten for $25 at charles and marie, but take heed – this is the daily special and will not be on sale for too much longer. hop to it if you really want ’em!

otto von quast design

i’m enchanted by this quirky sterling and 24k gold plated vegetable jewelry from berlin’s britta knüppel and verena kern for their otto von quast design company. these pieces were all made from real veggies, so each one is unique. choose from broccoli, cauliflower or a variety of peas.




hold on – jewelry is not the only offbeat thing they design! check out their clever porcelain pieces (made with cardboard forms that burn away during the firing process) and funny little tags that can be sewn into your clothes:






to purchase and see the rest of britta’s and verena’s collection, hop onto their website.

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clever wood cutting board

if your kitchen is filled with cookbooks why not add one more to the mix with this clever 6″ x 9.5″ beechwood cutting board from our french friends at atypyk? just put it next to all the other ones when it isn’t in use.




haha – wouldn’t this make a terrific gift for a book lover!?

$29 at generate (and see more cool stuff at atypyk’s shop too!).

fishs eddy brooklynese collection

i miss new york. there was a time when i was there 4-6 times a year for business and it felt like my second home. i haven’t been back for a few years now. i miss slipping seamlessly into the tension and the grit and complexion of the city and the streams of people rushing past me on the sidewalk in midtown and quiet moments on neighborhood streets in chelsea when there wouldn’t be a soul around. i miss the odd smell of the subway air and how my feet would ache at the end of the day, from walking and walking and walking uptown crosstown downtown. i miss the narrow streets of the village and the neighborhood shops on the upper west side. i miss the cab drivers asking me if i wanted to take the triboro bridge or the midtown tunnel from laguardia and knowing exactly where i would end up depending on what my answer was. i miss riverside drive and pommes frites and the cupcake cafe and the mud truck.

but i can always remind myself of the good times and laugh a little bit when i look the brooklynese collection from one of my favorite shops, fishs eddy.





amusing! but i still think a trip is in order soon.

purchase them all right here.

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