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acme animal fun metal art

i think these funny tabletop sculptures and clocks from the canadian team of don gidley and sue parke are so much fun! i love the scratchy texture on all their handmade pieces and all the bright colors they use. you can really tell they enjoy making their delightfully whimsical collection.






find a wonderful assortment of don and sue’s work at uncommon goods, the human arts gallery, conversation pieces and maddi’s gallery.

cool lamps and lighting (round up)

let’s celebrate the longer days and brighter afternoons that are coming with a fun selection of contemporary lighting for the home…


graphic printed table lamps from catherine david


ceci n’est pas une lampe pendant by sander mulder


montana table lamp


twitchen silk lampshade and meridian jumbo pendant lamp


paso doble table lamp from sabine leuthold


page marker floor lamp with scrunchy paper shade from andrew aloisio


droog’s 85 lamps chandelier (i don’t care if this is from 1993 i still love it)


inflatable orca pendant and bubbles chandelier from puff-buff


pendant lamps from modiss


napoleon by the nile table lamp by tore ahlsén


oz lamp from romain duclos



cubix lamp and the celebrity lamp (yes those are sunglasses!)

bike chain bowl by graham bergh

i like the looks and the history of this repurposed bike chain bowl from graham bergh for his resource revival company.



purchase the bowl and other wonderful things at his mixtgoods shop, and find out more about graham on his website.

jurgen lehl tableware

i love this beautiful tableware from jurgen lehl. highlights of the collection include hammered copper woks, quince serving utensils and simple, elegant pottery.





purchase the collection and see more things right here, and be sure to check out jurgen’s gorgeous blog too.

via hoping for happy accidents

best of the week on roadside scholar

hi there! is it gloomy and raining by you? if it is, or if it isn’t, please find below some of the most popular posts from the past week, in case you missed it… you can click on the photo to read the posts and click on the text links for more info about the people, companies and items.


chatting with daniel edlen and affordable critters at uppercase


gorgeous textile work from tamar mogendorff and stamp’s elegant jewelry


the brilliant felt creations of blythe church

all kinds of creative ideas are flowing through that hamster wheel in my head and i can’t wait to get to them all! of course part of what keeps me going, thinking and planning is visiting with you all for a little bit during your busy week. thanks for coming over — it sure is fun! next week’s eclectic adventure continues with an informative chat with a popular online gallery owner, an awesome lighting round up, painters, photography and much, much more!

ema takahashi jewelry

love this elegantly feminine and graphic necklace collection from japanese born, new york-based ema takahashi. it’s made of hand hammered 10k rose gold.

ema_takahashi_necklace ema_takahashi_necklace_highema_takahashi_necklace_life


i like that if you look at these slightly off center some of the designs just look like loopy abstract script, and the words are revealed upon closer inspection.

purchase these pieces here, and see ema’s full collection on her website.

stamp jewelry design by clare stoker-ring

beautiful understated contemporary jewelry in sterling, gemstone and brass here by uk born, new york-based artist clare stoker-ring, aka etsy seller stamp. many of the pieces in her textural collection are named after things we find in astronomy, e.g., the constellation cuff, the shooting star earrings and the rising moon necklace.





the more i stare at the pieces the more i see the connection. there is something tranquil, light and dark, and slightly mysterious about it. just like the night sky.

see clare’s collection at her etsy shop or trunkt portfolio, cruise through her flickr stream and stop by her blog or website to say hello too!

best of the week on roadside scholar

oh hello there loverly people. how are you? is spring kicking in by you? it is here, with crisp sunlight and little green leaves poking up in the dirt. while we wait for the season to unfold, please find below some of the most popular posts from this week, in case you missed it… you can click on the photo to read the posts and click on the text links for more info about the people, companies and items.


sarah thirlwell’s sustainable wood accessories and a nice chat with anna higgie


a wearable salute to say anything and three questions for iris schwarz


munire kirmaci’s oh-so-elegant dual salt and pepper

we had a terrible health scare with nestle, our beloved bernese mountain dog on monday, and this week was one of the worst i have ever had. the vet first thought he had cancer but after the test results were examined by a pathologist they called (today) and reversed their grim diagnosis. he is feeling much better and we remain cautiously optimistic about his health. while all this was happening i was a complete wreck. we’ve had him since he was six weeks old and he is the closest thing to a child that we have — it might sound ridiculous but it’s the truth! anyway, while i was falling apart this week, unbeknownst to you, some extremely encouraging emails and kind comments floated in from many of you reading out there. i cannot explain how gently these small gestures lifted me up during a very brief but extremely dark period of time. even though you had no idea, you have helped me so much, and i thank you enormously for your continued interest and feedback.

i can’t believe how lucky i am to have made friends all over the world who are an active part of the weaving of this beautiful quilt, made of words and pictures, here on this site. thank you all so much for coming over, even if it’s just for a minute. and please! stay tuned for next week’s delicious tidbits of art, craft and design. good stuff coming, including a stoney end of week round up, a miniview with a terrific crafter and a great let’s chat! with a very skillful painter!

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