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seraph stationery and gifts

need to see something happy today? i sure do, and these fun and elegant letterpress and gifty items from utah-based seraph stationery are just perfect right now. i love the loose drawing style and funky graphics they’ve got here.






intriguing bonuses: 1) proceeds from the sock it to me line go toward the purchase of socks for their local homeless shelters; and 2) seraph does custom invitation work too, for that fabulous party or shower or wedding you might be planning.

find these items and more at soolip in north hollywood, lunalux in minneapolis, emeralds in austin and of course online at the seaph website.

naughty betty cards: let’s chat!


i nearly spit my drink out when i opened my birthday card from a dear friend recently. actually i may have and i am still a little embarrassed about it, but i couldn’t help it. it was a laugh-out-loud funny, harsh and absolutely inimitable naughty betty card, from the dark and stormy minds of chicago designers christine montaquila and courtney weinberg. christine and courtney clearly have a bright sense of humor and a keen sense of style. their cards are sharp and truthful but are tempered with just a skinch of sentimentality. this formidable combination has enough visual jet fuel to teleport you to a playful place, stand by patiently idling its engines while you play around there for a bit and get you back to planet earth satisfied and smiling. let’s have a chat with c + c and find out more!


q: where do you live, and where do you create your collection?
a: we live in the northern suburbs of chicago. we’re minivan driving, latte drinking suburban moms. can’t even try to hide it. we either create our cards in our home offices, borders, or crouched in a broom closet so our toddlers don’t find us.


q: how did you two come together to create naughty betty?
a: we worked together as a writer/art director team at ogilvy & mather in chicago. we did many, many campaigns for women’s brands that we loved but never made it out the door. so we started to craft a voice and look we loved that was brutally honest, and talked to women the way women talk to women.


q: can you tell us a bit about your creative process? how do these cards get out of your head and onto the paper?
a: it really is a very organic process. a lot of our inspiration comes from our lives. our hectic, crazy, extremely average lives. we tend to write down funny stuff along the way and see how it feels as a card and if it captures a sentiment just right. then we revise, revise, revise.


q: your collection is so memorable thanks in part to its bold and clean graphic style. do either of you have a design background?
a: the design is courtney’s gig, but since i’m the writer i will speak for her. she’s got a design background and a fabulous eye for cool, modern things. she obsesses over every color! she’s really a design whore. (ed. note: this is the quote of the week.)



q: the laugh-out-loud, descriptive imagery in your cards really hits the nail on the head and takes me (and i suspect everyone else!) to a specific place and time. have you drawn on your own experiences while creating them?
a: oh yes. all of it. i suspect my husband secretly watches porn, and i have been that drunk girl peeing in an alley. when courtney was ten she french kissed her pillow with braces on. anything you read, we’ve lived.


q: what inspires you to make the line?
a: we love the idea of connecting with women and creating this dialogue about modern life. we certainly live differently then our mother’s did, working, raising children etc., so part of it is a social commentary on it all. after working in advertising for 15 years, we also love the honesty we’re able to have. you simply couldn’t be this blunt in an ad, but the truth is, people love the truth. they respond to it. and we love being culturally relevant too. greeting cards have a shelf life, so we can talk about things in the world that work now, but may not in two years. plus, life is just a hoot. senators having gay sex in bathrooms, people eating cockroaches on tv… this is good stuff!


q: exactly who is naughty betty? any relation to ugly betty?
a: naughty betty is the name we came up with on the phone when we realized all the other names we liked were trademarked. it was a bit before ugly betty got so big. we loved the idea of it being a woman’s name, and the naughty gives us permission to offend people with our harsh language. “We’re not Politically Correct Betty” is what I like to say!


you can purchase naughty betty cards at multiple choices and paper boy here in chicago, as well as paper doll in portland, heartfelt in san francisco and nancy nancy in brooklyn. if you are a retailer contact calypso cards for distribution info, and for more general hilarity and to contact christine and courtney, see their website.


thank you ladies!

gorgeous helen, gorgeous candlelight

(ed. note: please bear with me and this goofy internet connection in michigan through the holiday and this weekend — when i’m inspired i can’t get online, and then i can’t write the way i normally do because i have trouble uploading photos. it is rather irritating and the posts are coming haphazardly, but at least it’s pretty up here. :))

i just found out that we are going to host a bbq for 70 people from my husband’s work sometime this summer, and i want these supercool gorgeous helen paper shades by the german design collective dekoop for the party really badly. they are simple little pieces of vellum paper that have little printed designs on them. take a wine glass, drop a tealight into it, put the shade on and poof! instant shadowy ambiance.



other excellent applications: setting the mood for the nerve-wracking i’m-cooking-for-my-boyfriend-or-girlfriend-for-the-very-first-time dates, as well as making small spaces a ittle more festive. and if i were a shop owner i’d find a dark corner in my store and light these babies up everyday. it’s probably pretty hard to imagine how lovely they are if they come flat packed and under cellophane.

available in sets of 3 at charles and marie and pedlars.

orange beautiful’s type line (letterpress)

i love this modern and funky type line series of handmade letterpress cards recently released from chicago-based paper wizard emily martin of orange beautiful. the assorted fonts make an elegant statement, the pieces are printed on substantial textured card stock. they can be purchased separately or in sets of ten.




purchase these cards at orange beautiful’s etsy shop, see many other gorgeous things on their website and say hi to emily (and bff/blog collaborator laura) on their blog too (which is chock full of excellent goodness)!

alice evans illustrations

i enjoy all the illustration work i’ve seen from uk student and artist alice evans, but i think this handmade, one-off book called the book for bad days is extra sweet.



see more from alice on her blog and portfolio, and purchase this special seven page piece in her shop (she has a few other fun books in the shop as well).

jordy fu’s recycled cut paper lamps

this cloud series of handmade cut paper lampshades from chinese designer jordy fu is so delicate and pretty, isn’t it? jordy created them to add magic and intimacy to everyday lighting. i think she has achieved her goal.




the lamps, made of recycled paper, come flat packed and include an energy-efficient light bulb. purchase them and see more at jordy’s fun website.

via inhabitat

hollis brown thornton art

have you seen the impressive moleskine piece collection by south carolina artist hollis brown thornton? they are acrylic and pigment transfers.





absolutely gorgeous, thought-provoking ideas going on here.

go to his flickr stream or website for more info — right away — to see more beautiful work!

flower art & design (round up)

flower power is on its way, but hasn’t arrived quite yet. here are a few selections to whet your whistle before the genuine articles arrive…


sweet little ceramic dishes from leesa brinkley


poppies on blue painting by rachel austin


sterling and vintage glass pendant from anne holman


the hint of light and mystic river by blue citrus art


enamel flower rings from sarah hood


calla chair from william sawaya


sunflowers pendant lamp from paper cloud


these are for you and white love birds prints from yumi yumi


flowered chair painting by mercers daughter


cherry blossoms crochet cuff from irregular expressions


flower blend oval rug by emma gardner


red mum and in the orange blossoms 2 prints by hadley hutton


letterpress correspondence cards by pressure


felted messenger bag from daisynyc

angie_burr_bloom_1_and_2 paintings

bloom one and two encaustic paintings from angie burr for her effie girly finery


butterfly garden and hummingbird garden goccos from treetop studio


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