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sticklebook shelf

i like this quirky little sticklebook shelf. it’s built like a fine tooth comb. the wall bracket is aluminum which has a strip of little plastic grippy “teeth” that hold onto the cover and pages, which creates a floating illusion. it is meant for any size paperback book, and can hold up to a baker’s dozen.



no footprint – two thumbs up!

purchase them directly from sticklebook website, singulier and also here.

100 spinning plates by rob christopher

i went to the renegade craft fair’s holiday show a few weeks ago, but i really could not report on it because 1)it was crowded and 2)i knew i would be getting many of my holiday gifts there and did not want to give any clues away! i think it’s safe now to reveal some of these treasures, so please enjoy several artists in upcoming posts who make outstanding things. let’s start with the 100 spinning plates book by local author, filmmaker and rogue publisher rob christopher, for his own random cha press. this is an autobiographical tome that comes in a unique package – 100 stories on 100 slips of paper in a cardboard box. it is the reader’s choice to read as much or as little as he likes, to weave chapters together and create a unique story.


100_spinning_plates_excerpt 100_spinning_plates_excerpt_2

clever concept, random musings.

check out rob’s website and find out more about him on his blog too. i’m a little late to this party, so when i checked with rob, i found out that he had sold out of his inventory (oh no!), and that he’s currently working on plans for his next project (oh goody!). i can’t wait to see what it will be…

christmas miracle: if you hurry you can find his book on amazon in (extremely) limited quantities and on ebay too!

on being thankful


bad cat and turkey print from russian artist annya djachiachvili’s etsy shop

today is thanksgiving, a day when cherished friends and families come together to slow down a little, break bread and hopefully create wonderful memories. we’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program after the holiday, but for now, i’d like to take a moment to reflect on these themes of gratitude and giving. i want you to know how fortunate i feel to have so many loyal, smart and funny readers who come to this space regularly. i’ve been building my blog here for six months now, and all the comments you leave, and emails, and encouragement, and positive energy i receive from you is truly amazing. it still boggles my mind that we can find people, all around the world, through our computers, and create genuine connections that come so naturally (that is so weird to say that, but true!).

i think if you have just one friend in the world you’re lucky.

thank you all so much for being there!

2008 noa bembibre calendar

hurrah! clever spanish graphic designer noa bembibre has released her 2008 calendar into the universe, and just like last year’s, her amusing, playful and nonsensical phrases do not disappoint!



noa_bembibre_calendar_2008_october noa_bembibre_calendar_2008_november

thank you noa for letting me know!

it’s about 11 x 17″, and you can purchase it for 22 euros on noa’s website, or for us $35 at kiosk.

anna woltz illustrations

beloved readers, you may find the little snippets about my life to be a tad dull, but hey, for me this is a creative outlet and a place to seek inspiration and a space to get personal. is that not the essence of the interweb? anyway, today i will tell you that when i was a youngster, i went to a small school where i was the only asian kid. in the whole school. and i can’t really even call myself asian, i am a halfsie pacific islander, being a happy-go-lucky filipino half the time! knowing i was the only one there made it a surreal experience at times, especially when kids would try and guess what nationality i was. i wonder if the reaction would have been the same if this wonderful illustrated book from colorado artist anna woltz had been available then. anna has created a playful soft cover illustrated book and toddler tees which feature a multicultural culinary alphabet lesson for her company, wondertoast. check it out:





i think this is such a terrific way to engage a child’s curiosity while educating them about food and other cultures. maybe if these had been around back in the day, i wouldn’t have been bombarded with that pesky “are you hawaiian?” question all the time. and i actually think the whole alphabet featured as a fun oversized print would be a marvelous piece of art in a kid’s room, or anyone’s kitchen for that matter.

thank you so much for the photos, anna!

buy her adorable and very affordable items at wondertoast, and find anna on her art blog or baby blog.

vintage typewriters at sundance

psst. i want to let you in on a little secret opinion of mine. i think computers are here to stay. that’s right, you heard it here first, folks. be that as it may, i couldn’t help but smile when i saw these fantastic restored vintage typewriters. since i only rarely use a typewriter these days (and an electric one at that), viewing these photos transported me back to a sentimental place, where hearing the familiar staccato clickety-clackity click clack bing! under my flying fingers was much more satisfying than watching someone do it now on an episode of mad men (and i think those props are electric too).






hey, if these machines were good enough for hemingway, they’re good enough for me.

find the royal quiet deluxe, the royal arrow and a foxy smith corona in all their glory (and replacement ribbons too!) at sundance.

stereotype movie synopsis tee shirts

i think these tees from new york graphic designer mike joyce, for his company stereotype, are quite clever.




oop, i think i just dated myself with my selection… 

available at 2k gingham.

via uncrate

cool interactive typography site

look at some of the random notes people have created for the general public on this interactive typography site. each letter belongs to a random person’s published photograph on flickr, and clicking on any of them takes you to that person’s sets and photo streams.





play with the program here.

via fabrica

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