have you ever experienced frustration or a lack of organization when it comes to finding art online? i have. i don’t meaning jumping on the laptop and googling art galleries in austin or barcelona. i just never thought there was one single place to find a huge amount of information; to discover new artists, find out about openings and fairs, or collect info about my favorite emerging, mid-career or established artists from all over the world.

until i discovered


mutualart.com_featured_artist_page is a brand new website that will make these tasks a simple pleasure for you. it’s a cleanly designed, easy to navigate place that has the cooperation of museums, galleries and publications from all around the world. on the site you will be able to rapidly search for information on hundreds of artists (working in genres from gothic to avant-garde to outsider to neoclassic), find out the most up-to-the-minute news in the art world from 250 different publications and keep up to date on gallery openings and events in dozens of cities.



this is an exceptional site to bookmark if you travel on the weekend to one of the cities in their database and want to find out what’s happening in the galleries and museums there. and i especially like the fact that i can create my own personal filing and preference system and organize the categories, events and artists i like my own way.



they are currently doing beta testing, so head on over to the mutual art site, get your name on the list and stockpile some good art info for yourself.

mara snoeren illustrations: let’s chat!


i have been following the playful artwork of dutch artist mara snoeren on her blog hemelsgroen (which roughly translates into heaven’s green) for quite some time and love them all. every time i see a new colorful piece from her i am grinning from ear to ear – that is how joyful and festive her digital and mixed media creations make me, no matter what the subject. there is a freshness and simplicity in her style that just grabs me. let’s have a chat with mara and find out more!


q: where do you live, and where do you create your art?
a: i live in rotterdam, the netherlands, on a small island in the river maas. i work as a graphic designer in a small company in rotterdam. the pieces on my website i make just for fun in my spare time, though, and i make them at home using any available space.


q: what is your background, and did you study art formally?
a: yes, i studied illustration at the willem de kooning art academy in rotterdam.


q: how are your pieces made? what types of media or techniques do you use?
a: first comes the idea. i always need some sort of assignment to get me going. (this is why i studied design rather than art.) illustration friday is a wonderful initiative that gives out a new topic each week. depending on my interpretation on the subject, i choose my technique. it is usually mixed media as i find this the most natural and playful method for me. i use anything that fits the idea: modelling clay if i need something three dimensional, magazines to cut out for a collage, my camera to take photos, digital brushes or just plain pencils.


q: do you have a favorite piece that you have made? if you do, why is it your favorite?
a: i have several favourites for several different reasons, but not one in particular. some of my favourite stuff:


emergency: i like this because the idea comes out just way i had it in mind.


visitors: this one looks so cheerful!


suit: simple and strong.

q: is your work for sale?
a: ehm, no not really because i make this work just for pleasure. however, i’d be happy to take on assignments. i am always interested in nice projects!


q: what is your inspiration for these lively, positive works? do you have a message you want to send through these pieces?
a: the given topics on illustration friday ARE my inspiration! i let the word sink in and consider all the associations i have with the subject. then i filter out the idea that can be transformed to an illustration. sometimes i stick to my original concept, but it also happens that i change things along the way. i which case it’s the material or technique i work with that inspires me. i don’t have an overall message to send, but if i spread some happiness in the process, that would be perfect.


be sure to check out mara’s blog to see a terrific portfolio of her artwork. maybe one day she will open an online shop and we all will be able to enjoy her art in person everyday!


thank you mara!

carambatack illustrations

(ed.note: hey, everybody! 500th post!)

i could get swept away in these illustrations from norwegian artist annette mangseth. i love the colors she uses and the serene tone she sets with her dreamy images.







she has a combination of original pieces, little one of a kind art cards and prints available. everything is clean lined and orderly, which makes it much easier to get lost in imagination, don’t you think?

purchase annette’s work at her etsy shop and see her flickr stream too for more lovely things.

the beholder redesign – more art!


behold the new beholder, a wonderful place to find affordable art. curator suzanne shade has made her site even more robust now with a few additions: the virtual marketplace, where artists can set up shop and sell their work independently of gallery commissions; a featured guest curator each month; more ways to search; and, a new way to save your favorite pieces in your file. here’s a taste of what’s going on over there right now:


oil paintings by michelle armas


gouache on paper works by mike monteiro


watercolor paintings by rick caruso


mixed media works on paper by luke ramsey


print of the month club at indiefixx

i love the idea of a piece of art being delivered to my house every month. do you? if you do then why not buy the art print of the month series as a gift for an art lover or even for yourself? each month the folks at indiefixx will select one print, festively wrap it and mail it off to you. you never know what you’ll receive ahead of time, which is part of the fun!


i say two thumbs up!

subscriptions start at $64. purchase them and lots of other fun things right here.

you make my day award


last week i was honored with a you make my day award from belgian-born, quebec-based artist and illustrator suana verelst, for the post i wrote about her gorgeous work here. thank you suana!


now in the spirit in which it was received i am passing this award along to four cool artists who consistently make my day every time i look at their work or their blogs (this is hard because i like WAY more than four!):


michigan’s tom allen of the ant and farm report


indiana’s terry border from bent objects


maine’s jennifer judd-mcgee from swallowfield


chicago’s sandra soss from bricolage life

browse around, look and enjoy – you’ll like it!

mayuko fujino paper art – let’s chat!

look at the beautiful, delicate work of japanese artist mayuko fujino! these are not illustrations but paper cutouts with additional collage work. i love the organic themes and joyful compositions. her techniques are precise and eye for color admirable. i think you could just dive right into some of these and land on a fluffy cloud. let’s have a chat with mayuko and find out more!





q: where do you live?
tokyo, japan

q: what inspires your artwork?
a: i think what inspires me most are the challenging technical restrictions of paper cutout. sometimes when i have an idea it does not fall within the conventional rules for my method… and when i see something then the rules decide 1) if i can actually craft it or not and 2) how to go about making it. it’s fun for me to see how far i can go within the limitations. to do that, i always have to make the best use of inventiveness, and sometimes unexpected ideas occur. sometimes i think it almost acts like a guide for me to understand the world. and of course music (like moondog) and literature inspire me a lot. a sound body with storing of memory in five senses.

q: can you tell me a little about your technique?
a: they are paper cutouts and i color them with magazine pages, papers and collage. i use a special cutting tool (not scissors) to make the special cut shapes.

q: how large are these finished pieces and are they for sale?
a: they range in size from 10cm x 10cm to 79.0cm x 54.5cm (about 4″ x 4″ up to 31″ x 21.5″). i am preparing to sell them.

q: are you currently in any shows, and is there anything else special you would like to mention?
a: i will have an exhibition from february 6 through february 10th at fall gallery in tokyo, and on february 9th i am going to perform a new shadow show titled “mr. and mr.mysteries” there. i sometimes act as the “georama” or shadow play unit. also, our short film is available at myspace here.


mayuko_fujino_frog_detail mayuko_fujino_frog_detail_2



be sure to look at mayuko’s flickr stream for more gorgeous work.

thank you mayuko!

maurizio savini chewing gum sculpture

italian artist maurizio savini creates amazingly detailed and slightly disturbing sculptures out of chewing gum and has exhibited throughout europe. he enjoys using the gum as a medium due to the multiple senses engaged while chewing it, and also because it is a reminder of his youth and adolescence.




maurizio is elusive! he does not appear to have his own website, but an information page can be found here, and also (in italian) at the next door gallery, where he is represented.

via the presurfer and fun forever

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