images of springtime, courtesy of etsy

i put a post up for the photographers of etsy team blog earlier this week, saying that I’m yearning for spring with all it’s soft freshness and optimism, and then i thought why not do a little something like that right here in this space too, because you can never get enough positive inspiration…


in order, top to bottom:

  1. marigolds and the picket fencebricolagelife
  2. picadilly lace by jennifer squires
  3. partly cloudykristybee
  4. dark eyed juncomuddy river photos
  5. in the morningschamka
  6. plum zenmelissa beach
  7. lilies of the valleydiana brennan
  8. blue birdsgroovinpop
  9. i can feel you breathemichelle campbell-zurek
  10. greenvaleria h






renegade craft fair 2008: highlights, pt. 3

there will be one more post after this one to wrap up the fabulous handmade home and personal adornments i saw at the renegade craft fair this past weekend. you couldn’t possibly be tired of these highlights yet, could you?


awesome repurposed wood sculpture and accessories from kindling



cool coasters, art and screenprinted dartboards from artrecodesign


fun stuffy birds from coo koo ri koo


one of a kind papier mache from girl-hen



handmade felted necklaces from biggie


 embroidered canvases and pillows from k studio




jewelry and handpainted accessories from cursive design


fun stuffies and paintings from the squirrely girl

laura nugent paintings

i am enjoying the folksy stylings of kansas artist laura nugent’s acrylic paintings. i like the relaxed brushwork and soft edges, the symbolic references of these motifs and the expressive color palettes that compliment them.






i especially like laura’s patchwork series.

see more and contact laura on her website.

molly cranch paintings

these softly styled acrylic bird paintings by chicago artist molly cranch are the perfect way to ease into your workweek, don’t you think? i love the gentle color choices and the light in each piece, and i can definitely relate to molly, an urban dweller, when she says that is quite enchanted by the idea of exploring nature through her work.




see more from molly and purchase her work here.

trish grantham paintings

loving this loose loopy style of painting from lovely portland artist trish grantham. i like that her simple characters belie a range of emotions much more complex than what appears on the surface. these pieces are made of vintage paper, acrylic, ink, watercolor and resin, mounted on wood.





see more works from trish on her website, and see her etsy shop too. if you are in the los angeles area, be sure to stop by the loved group show at the lab 101 gallery (from august 16th, 2008 through september 10th, 2008). trish is showing there along with amy ruppel, keith obrien and julliana swaney.

lisa wharton mixed media art

do you think it’s fun to start off the week with something exuberant and colorful? i do, so check out this vibrant mixed media work from denver artist lisa wharton. lisa does silkscreen monoprints and open editions of her heavily textured and frequently emotional collection, which features home and nature motifs.





i love her combination of collage work and graphic text.

see what’s available from lisa in her shop, see the full complement of work on her website and don’t forget to say hello to her on her blog.

via feedthedog

snapshot sunday

bird silhouette 470

fauna chico keychains

i never wanted to carry a stuffed animal around with my keys until i saw these humorous handprinted keychains from new york’s salvor fauna. they’re pretty big — about 3″ x 8″ — so now i just need a purse big enough to keep it in.




find these pieces and see their other supercute animal accessories at design public.

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