mummy chair

this bright beech wood and stretchy ribbon-festooned mummy chair, from dutch designer peter traag for edra, certainly looks like it will wrap you in comfort the moment you sit in it.


see what i did there?

find it at moss.

xs chair by nick demarco

question: if you wanted a landfill in your living room would you want it in the shape of a chair? if so, your wish can become reality now with the xs chair by california college of the arts design student nick demarco. nick says the production pieces will be made of recycled plastic mesh, and that it can be filled with anything you own in excess, such as these handy vitamin water bottles seen below.


no thank you. and i mean that sincerely.

see more on nick’s website.

via freshome

lola chaise

i am enjoying the details of this lola chaise: the tufted upholstery with versatile color palette, the retro modern sensibility and the knee notch, for our comfort.



find them in single and double options at chiasso, and be sure to check out their blog too for other cool things.

monseigneur collection by philippe starck

yeh, i know philippe said a few very negative things about being a designer just recently, but i am willing to turn a deaf ear to it when i look at this monseigneur sofa he has made for driade.




very glamorous design from a guy who said that design is a dreadful form of expression, don’t you think?

find the collection here.

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smock chair by paticia urquiola

i am convinced that patricia urquiola can do no wrong when i look at the details of her pleasing smock chair. bonus: it comes in a swivel version (personal favorite).



i love how it looks like a fabulous handbag through the armrests.

purchase it over at unica home.

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favela chair by the campana brothers

look at this favela chair made by design team (and brothers) fernando and humberto campana. each small piece of wood is glued and nailed by hand to make the one of a kind pieces, which resemble the shacks in the shantytowns of brazil for which the chair is named.


purchase it right here (and i hope for this price they are donating a portion to the people in those shantytowns).

via betterlivingthroughdesign

french industrial furniture at wisteria

(ed. note: sorry folks, but as of 8/15/08 it appears that this furniture is not currently available. with any luck it will come back in stock. if anyone knows of another resource for it, please click the email button to the right and let me know so i can update this post. thanks.) 

q: have you seen what is new over at wisteria?

a: some gorgeous vintage modern french industrial furniture (like this double book shelf and chair), patterned after 19th century designer reactions to the elaborate pieces that were being produced at the time.





see the whole collection and much more over at wisteria.

skogstad/vold product design: let’s chat!



ever since i caught a tiny glimpse of their work on designboom, i have been charmed and slightly obsessed with the clean, youthful designs of petter skogstad and haakon vold, for their company skogstad/vold. the items they have included in their collection are fresh, playful and inviting all at the same time. the designs have a flexible versatility, which make them appropriate for use in a variety of applications. to me the outstanding consistent theme here is the focus and balance of both masculine and feminine qualities. i love their stealth lounge chair (above), which was inspired by modern military aircraft, but it also reminds me of the opening petals of a flower. i enjoy the minimal lines and strong material of the steel break vase (below), which softens and transforms when flowers are placed within it. and of course this balance is clearly demonstrated in the graphics on the appropriately named fun wall clocks. these are the thoughtful qualities that compel us to appreciate, seek out and live with quality design everyday. let’s have a chat with haakon and petter and find out more!


q: where do you live and where do you design and make your collections?
we both live in oslo, norway, and we are senior students at akershus university college of product design (bachelor). we make most of our prototypes in the workshops at our university, but for bigger projects and production processes we use other companies with the competence we need.


q: what is your top priority (or the most important element) when designing furniture?
a: to create products for the future. we focus on making contemporary products where aesthetics, function, environment and high quality play a big role.

q: who or what are your main influences?
a: we get inspiration from nature, specifically norwegian nature and clean shapes. this is further enhanced by exploring new materials and technology. we also have some favorite designers: ronan and erwan bouroullec, konstantin grcic, stokkeaustad, norway says, arne quinze, karim rashid and mid to late century scandinavian design (in the 60-70’s).


q: are any of the pieces in distribution yet?
a: no, not yet, but we hope some of our products will be in production soon. we have a catalogue and website and have been in contact with a few manufacturers.


q: do you have a favorite material you prefer to work with?
a: we are trying to work with new materials, new technology and new production processes all the time, so we have no favorite material.



q: what is the best single piece of advice you have received as designers?
a: keep it simple and focus on the details.

q: how would you finish the following sentence? the future of design…
a: the future of design will have more focus on the environment and it will be important as a designer to focus on the whole life-cycle of the product.


skogstad/vold will be exhibiting these pieces and some exciting new prototypes too at the milan international furniture fair, from april 16th-21, 2008. they will be located in the area considered the launching pad for young designers, called saloneSatellite. i have high hopes that production with a quality manufacturer will begin soon, and look forward to seeing their pieces here in chicago someday.

thank you haakon and petter!

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