jardin chair from crate and barrel

hear me now and believe me later: my dream house would be nestled in the midst of abundant trees, have multiple outdoor spaces and 360 degree views of nature, be made of wood, slate, metal and glass, and have this jardin chair from crate and barrel somewhere inside of it. the painterly fabric was inspired by an original artist’s pastel drawing and reinterpreted into a lushly textured vintage style landscape, and the curvy feet and wings just enhance the effect.




this chair is not just good looking either; it’s eco-friendly. look under the hood and you’ll find a sustainable kiln-dried hardwood frame and a cushion and back made from multiple layers of soy or plant-based polyfoam. all these things contribute to a wholly (feel) good experience.

$799 right here.

johnny swing coin chair

look at this shiny sculptural throne, er, chair from johnny swing. it’s made of stainless steel and coins – lots and lots of coins. 1500 half dollars and 7000 welds! it weighs 58 pounds and is contoured to fit the shape of the body comfortably.




don’t flip your lids when i tell you the price is $29,000. i know you’re not surprised! start saving immediately and when you’re finished, you can purchase it at vivre. while you save you can check out johnny’s other supercool designs right here.

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umamy design group

let’s have a look here at some witty design work from israeli design group umamy. they create functional products for the home that are stylish and intelligent too.




i am fairly certain you have seen these, the wonderful limited edition kisos 3-d vase and the till we meet again chair, but have you seen some of their other items?






they’re trying to make the world a better place, and i think they’re succeeding – one unconventional design at a time.

see more wonders on their website.

jennifer delonge luxe rocking chair

i like this luxe glider chair and ottoman from california designer jennifer delonge. it’s offered in linen or velvet and is clean, tailored and elegant. jennifer’s intention for this piece and the others in her line was to make the baby’s room as stylish as all the other rooms in today’s modern homes, but with style like this why limit yourself? i’d be thrilled to have this in my family room or library any day of the week!



purchase it at 2modern and see lots more on jennifer’s website.

studio archirivolto charme chair

i don’t care that these are $795 each, i’m hatching a plan now to cook up a scheme to somehow see these in the flesh and maybe sit on them once… to me this is the perfect feminine/masculine chair. glamorous and curvy, but made from macho materials of aluminum and leather, from the brilliant minds at italy’s studio archirivolto for fasem.





see for yourself at fy2k or the conran shop.

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astonishing azalea wood chair

feast your eyes on this stunning azalea wood chair!


some varieties of azalea plants have beautiful contoured branches, and are frequently used to keep orchids upright in their pots. their flowers and leaves (really the plants in general) are typically smaller than their rhododendron cousins, so by looking at the thickness of the branches, you can only imagine how large these shrubs must have been.

sculptural, commanding and truly extraordinary. 

they’re already sold out at wisteria, but hopefully they’ll be able to procure just a few more… 

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