felix populi dishtowels

i am liking these happy colors in these linen dishtowels from ben sander aka brini maxwell aka felix populi (latin for happy people). so peppy and well, happy.


$16 each right here. she’s got some fabulous pillows too!

armas design sale

as you may remember i am a big fan of atlanta-based artist michelle armas, and i just found out that she has a very nice collection of paintings for sale in her etsy shop.


this is a great opportunity to be able to own an original piece from a very talented artist. i say we take advantage!

see more and purchase these pieces at michelle’s etsy shop, and say hi to her on her blog.

the art of katrine kalleklev

i am love love LOVING the beautifully expressed moods through the mixed media, collage and digital work of skillful norwegian artist katrine kalleklev.


these pieces feel so lonely to me and there are lovely grey tones which really match the color of the sky every time i look up around here lately. it just fits.

see more charming work on katrine’s website. she has an invite-only blog too.

via beth

okayk eye chart notecards (clever)

I love these little notecards and larger sized prints from Chicago artist ohkayk. They sprung from a moment while in the optometrist’s office. I just think they are so fresh, clean and clever.


Totally affordable too – the collection ranges from $3 to $37.50. Buy them here.

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a little leaf study

Hi there lovely people. I am a little frustrated getting this post out to you right now so late, and apologetic too. My laptop seems to be on its last legs and I just can’t get it to save or publish when I need to get my articles out there! I have given up for tonight, so for now please enjoy the changing of the seasons in these photos while I get it together technology-wise. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and my computer will be back to its normal robust self!






boogie man rug by jellio

When I was a kid I was totally terrified of boogeyman monsters in my closet and under the bed, and now as an adult if I watch Dexter or True Blood too late in the day I have a hard time getting to sleep that night. Too bad I didn’t have this wildly colorful Boogie Man rug from our friends at Jellio back when I was young. Maybe I would have been emboldened with more pluck to face any ogres that came my way, instead of hiding under the covers. Or maybe it would have scared the monsters away on its own, also a positive thing.


Purchase the 8′ x 10′ hand tufted wool rug and see more nostalgic designs at the Jellio website.

tomasz zarachowicz art prints

omG I love this work from Paris-based artist Tomasz Zarachowicz, aka Etsy seller ittichips. I love the colors, the styling, the whimsy, the surreal motifs, the floaty feeling I am getting the longer I stare at them. THese are prints from his original paintings.






Tomasz works in gouache and ink but also does the occasional screenprint too. I love his collection so much any medium will do for me.

Say hi to Tomasz on his blog and purchase these works right here.

via Bloesem

bottega montana spool stools

I love the pop arty fun that comes along with oversized everyday objects, so I went a little cuckoo when I read in Garden Design about these oh so lovely spool stools, designed by the two brothers Francesco and Marco Gillia. The brothers, originally from Italy, relocated to Montana and have set up a furniture studio there where, among other things, they craft these beautiful hand turned cedar stools and stain them in every color of the sherbetty rainbow.


I am not quite sure why this 23 second clip is on YouTube but you can see the pretty colors the seats come in on the video:

That bobbin hole in the center functions to draw water away from the tops of the stools, FYI.

See more of Francesco and Marco’s beautiful collection right here.

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