we the robots online comics (hilarious)

kansas city-based artist chris harding’s we the robots weekly online comic strip is sarcastic, amusing, and at many times relatable in the most embarrassing way.


see much more here. he has a shop too!

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grand khan sofa by francesco binfaré

Why is it whenever I cover up my couch with some drapey tarp blanket thing it never looks like this Grand Khan piece by Francesco Binfaré for Edra? Is it because it isn’t a modular cushion style, or because it doesn’t have a luxurious unhemmed leather piece (designed with primitive Mongolian nomadic tents in mind) casually strewn over it? In white?



Maybe it’s because my couch didn’t cost $20,000. There’s always a tradeoff.

See more of the Grand Khan at Moss.

nail brush by harmut ringel

It’s called a nail brush, and it’s designed by Hartmut Ringel. That’s all I know of it. But I am intrigued.



You can see it in a German place here and also a Japanese place here. I also saw it with my own two eyes over at the MCA.

ceramic urban gnomes by vitamin

London design house Vitamin has created a whole new way of dressing your modern garden with these urban gnomes. Made from bone china, they don’t possess the cheezy kitch the ubiquitous plastic kind has. They are much more sculptural and contemporary, which is either a relief or rather alarming, depending on your point of view…




These pieces if left in a leafy green garden will absolutely light up the night. I say two thumbs up.

Find the gnomes at Generate, and see more of Vitamin’s products on their website.

melissa peck paintings

Beloved readers, may I present to you this filled-to-the-brim-with-beauty collection of paintings from Utah artist Melissa Peck? I am really enjoying it. There is something about the people and the places they are in that appeals to me so strongly. At first glance it feels like haunted vision of humanity, tempered with soft notes. Something Victorian feeling, something inviting, and also somewhat plaintive. I am intrigued by the serious expressions of the subjects, which are offset by the carefully placed punches of high energy color. It’s mysterious, and yes indeedy, I am enjoying it a lot.





I also love the use of little bits of paper Melissa incorporates into her work from the homework and correspondence of her daughters.

See much more at Melissa’s website and roll along on her painting odyssey on her very intimate feeling blog. You can also see select works in person at Bonner David and Coda galleries in Scottsdale and Park City, respectively.

josh jakus eggflat containers

These egg crate shaped felt accessories from San Francisco designer Josh Jakus are fun, aren’t they? Called Eggflats, the sculptural containers come in small and large sizes, can interconnect, fold flat for storage and can be used to hold all sorts of things.


josh_jakus_eggflat_2 josh_jakus_eggflat_3

Purchase these pieces at Elsewares and see more from Josh right here.

modern wine rack, vintage roots

Paying homage to the genesis of all wine, Danish designer Jakob Wagner has created a wine rack to resemble the twists and curves of grapevines.  A smart cantilevered style enables the stored bottles to do double duty as stylish sculpture, as they appear to float freely against the wall from a distance. The rack holds six bottles of assorted sizes and is offered in two styles: polished aluminum or synthetic black rubber over fiberglass.


Oh so minimal and stylish.

Find it at Menu.

reminder to vote

Do we all have election fever yet? Just in case you think you might forget about November 4th of this year, here are some things to surround yourself with everyday to keep voting top of mind…


I am pretty sure between dressing your kid and taking a bath with all these cute things from Wishingfish you won’t forget to do your civic duty.

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