poppytalk handmade market (shopping)

jan at poppytalk is back at it with an eco-themed market this month, chock full of lovely adornments for home and body. let’s have a look at some of the highlights now:


fun hand and digital collage prints from layla renzi for her dollface design


steel linked necklace from megan auman


gocco printed notes and stationery on recycled stock from sarah parrott


vintage car bank from blue bell bazaar


recycled cotton totes from jen harris for her black sheep heap

now is the perfect to do some spring shopping, so hop on over there and choose your personal favorites!




cool carpets and renegade rugs (round up)

i wish for a new and exciting carpet for my family room and have secretly been visiting a bunch of them online and therefore i wish for you to enjoy this round up of artsy rugs seen below:


brushwood carpet by dima loginoff


itu rug by tuttu sillanpää for verso design


die-cut wool runner by bev hisey


moon carpet from atypyk


manuscrit rug by joaquim ruiz millet for nanimarquina


funniest rugs ever from dan golden


hudson carpet by sophia wood for modus


formosa rug by wenlan chia of twinkle living


interlocking puzzle rug from katrin sonnleitner


wow carpet from bentley prince


pebble rug from 2form design


reception carpet from studio voortman and girod


recycled bicycle tire rug by ariadna miguel for nanimarquina

someday if i don’t have any animals living in my home (oh you know i complain but i love them so) i will buy a fabulous carpet and enjoy how clean it remains from day to day. until then though it looks like it’ll be that two tone polypropylene number from the blue and yellow store.

jardin chair from crate and barrel

hear me now and believe me later: my dream house would be nestled in the midst of abundant trees, have multiple outdoor spaces and 360 degree views of nature, be made of wood, slate, metal and glass, and have this jardin chair from crate and barrel somewhere inside of it. the painterly fabric was inspired by an original artist’s pastel drawing and reinterpreted into a lushly textured vintage style landscape, and the curvy feet and wings just enhance the effect.




this chair is not just good looking either; it’s eco-friendly. look under the hood and you’ll find a sustainable kiln-dried hardwood frame and a cushion and back made from multiple layers of soy or plant-based polyfoam. all these things contribute to a wholly (feel) good experience.

$799 right here.

carmel killin textile design: miniview

i enjoy the work of sydney artist carmel killin, aka etsy seller feedthedog. there is something hopeful and inviting in the appealing limited edition and one-off screenprinted cushion covers and wall hangings she creates. i like her textures and earthy colors and simple art styles, and i like the natural fabric she uses. ever curious to know a little bit more about the brains behind the operation, i asked two quick questions…



q: how did you get into designing?
a: the truth of it is, i’ve been “seeing” and visually “re-imagining” the world around me since the dawn of time, or at least since the age of 12 when my parents (who have no taste whatsoever, god bless ’em) moved the family to a hideous new brick house in a freshly created suburb with no trees. the unbelievable ugliness of my interior and exterior surroundings at such an impressionable age had me begging my parents for years to follow my fabulously detailed design suggestions. to no avail. at the same time i was writing short stories and had a spurt of published fiction in my 20s. at university i dabbled in photography and film making, which led to many years working in the film industry. i’ve had no formal training as a designer, i have just always been attracted to the visual world and the desire to interpret what i see, give a common object a new visual story. as a devotee of DIY philosophy, i love doing short courses. knitting, sewing, screen prining, felting, welding, dyeing… done it. with a few non-design-related degrees under my belt i fell into tertiary teaching, but after learning the basics of computer design applications started teaching graphic design to university students. i still teach design, though these days it’s all studio-based and hand-crafted projects. which of course i adore.




q: what inspires you?
a: i think my love of story telling informs a lot of my visual work, though not in any obvious way. i’m also really captivated by the wonderful skewed shapes and lines of children’s drawings and their rough, scribbly colouring-in technique. i love odd creatures, plain creatures and silhouetted shapes. old national geographic magazines from the 60s and 70s have fabulous animals with wonderful personalities. a blank piece of highly textured fabric excites me with all the possibilities and challenges it presents. i love shapes and lines in the landscape, shapes and lines in common, plain objects. details, like stitching, shading, trims, buttons, are delicious to me. so too, unexpected combinations of pattern and texture, objects and things. oddness, whimsy, humour are very attractive to me.


well, after reading her answers doesn’t it all makes sense now!? two thumbs up!

if you’re a local, you can frequently find carmel at the paddington market in sydney. if not, see and purchase the available collection at carmel’s etsy shop, and be sure to check out her humorous, well-written blog too!

thank you carmel!

otto von quast design

i’m enchanted by this quirky sterling and 24k gold plated vegetable jewelry from berlin’s britta knüppel and verena kern for their otto von quast design company. these pieces were all made from real veggies, so each one is unique. choose from broccoli, cauliflower or a variety of peas.




hold on – jewelry is not the only offbeat thing they design! check out their clever porcelain pieces (made with cardboard forms that burn away during the firing process) and funny little tags that can be sewn into your clothes:






to purchase and see the rest of britta’s and verena’s collection, hop onto their website.

via moco loco

cool laptop bag by nanda home

how great would it be to have one of these when traveling with your computer is needed? it’s the stylish persida lapsac from nanda home. it’s made of sturdy cotton canvas, has a padded pouch to accommodate a laptop and is roomy enough so that you don’t have to carry a purse too.




purchase it at delight.com.

via design crush

pita pocket wallet

who here among us likes pita? those who have raised their hands will love this little wallet/coin purse from israeli photographer and graphic designer anat safran. she’s made it out of cotton so it won’t get moldy if you leave it in your coat pocket or purse for a few days. and you can fill it with your favorite things, like an mp3 player or falafel (okay maybe not falafel).


why do i always see these things when i am hungry?

see more on anat’s website.

via designspotter

aze textile designs

do you think the dinner table ever feels lonely in this age of fast moving lifestyles, only used for holidays and special occasions? sprucing it up with this clever messy tablecloth from poland’s aze designs might make it feel like a more important part of the family. the folks at aze strive to create modern home designs that embrace and incorporate old world traditional techniques, like embroidery and weaving.





and just in case your bed feels lonely, here are some rem bed linens along the same premise:




oh! and i like their funky cotton rugs too!



select pieces from aze are available at zoom zoom, but i don’t have a clue if they ship overseas or not (sorry no polish language!). best move? aze’s website.

via betterlivingthroughdesign

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