mayuko fujino paper art

the super-talented, tokyo-based paper artist mayuko fujino (who you may remember from a previous interview here) now has an etsy shop, where we all can marvel in her intricate creations. yay!


she uses washi paper and collage techniques to create her (so very cool) artwork.

she’s got a website and flickr stream too, for more papery goodness.

the art of eric fortune

the delicately bold, poetically dynamic paintings and illustrations of ohio supertalent eric fortune.


the light is stunning.

see more on eric’s website, say hi on his blog and purchase a beautful limited edition print (bottom photo) at paper tiger. he’s participating in a group show too, opening on april 25th, 2009 at the gallery nucleus, so pop over if you’re in or near los angeles.

tilman faeker illustrations: miniview


i derive great thrill and pleasure when i discover handmade collections, in any type of media, where i can find emotion or humor interwoven with that beauty and cleverness i yearn for. don’t you think when those elements combine, a certain alchemy is created which serves as a throughway to the personality of the hand behind the work? i do. and i like that connection. that’s why i am really enjoying these illustrations from stuttgart-based artist tilman faeker. the restrained color selections compliment the delicate line work and subtlety in the subjects he chooses, and it all flows, one piece into another into another. when i finish looking i want to look again because i don’t want to miss anything. as it turns out, tilman provided me with some illuminating thoughts on the subject of handmade work too…


q: have you always been drawing, even as a child?

a: truth is, i hadn’t done any proper drawings for about 15 years when i went out of art school/university. while studying i was doing a lot of film and interactive media-related stuff (3d animation, sound design, sound art, etc.). everything was very artsy with a lot of theoretical issues involved, and illustration was never a subject.

after i finished my studies, i realized that i was always missing something in my work, which in fact was some kind of manual labour. i couldn’t imagine spending the next 30 years in front of a computer screen pushing around pixels the whole day or becoming some kind of new media artist who does stuff that only other artists can relate to, because they read the same books. i then remembered how it felt to draw, the combination of rational decisions and subconsciousness (there is this saying that drawing is seeing), working with materials and with your own hands, not having to operate a computer and its software all the time… so i started to draw again, put together a portfolio and started shopping it around.


q: can you tell us a little about your process?

a: i draw everything by hand first, then scan it and then put the different pieces together digitally and colorize them. i’m not so happy about this part, but it is very economical.


q: what appeals to you most about illustration?

a: the best part of this work is that everyone can relate to it. you can look at an illustration and just like the colors or the quality of the lines – regardless of the visual concept  – or you can approach it in an intellectual way, when you try to “read” it.


you can see more from tilman on his website. he’s producing some reasonably priced limited edition prints too, and you can find those right here.

thank you tilman!

hannah waldron illustrations

it is clear from her illustrations that uk artist hannah waldron has a great sense of style and color. hannah enjoys creating delicate, nonexistent worlds and places in her limited edition screenprints, perhaps as much as i enjoy exploring them.


hannah_waldron_illustrations_tonight _i_am_an_owl_print


see more from hannah right here, and if you’re in or near london, catch her show at the old shoreditch station, which opens tonight and runs through october 8th, 2008.

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sumi-e paintings by dalia doksaite

i am in the mood for some ethereal softness and these sumi-e paintings by lithuanian artist dalia doksaite, rich with tradition, are fitting the bill.

dalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_neringa

dalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_waterfalldalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_temple

dalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_vilnius

so delicate and dreamy.

see more beauty at dalia’s website.

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annie patterson illustrations

reader theresa pointed me to award-winning alaska artist annie patterson’s illustrations, and i am so happy that she did. annie is a published children’s book illustrator and has a delicate, detailed style and motifs that make your imagination float away with the wind.





see annie’s portfolio on her website and check her blog out too for news and updates.

elizabeth prince ceramics

let’s have a look at the beautiful ceramic designs from uk artist elizabeth prince. in a previous life, elizabeth was a fine artist and a popular interior designer. her stolen moments in between commissions were spent working in clay, and as time passed she decided to make it her full time focus. i’m so glad she did, because these hand stamped, glazed, pierced and pinched results are fantastic.






purchase these pieces at elizabeth’s etsy shop and drop by her blog to see what else she’s doing!

illustrations by koyori

there is a talented and mysterious person in japan named koyori, who makes beautiful illustrations. i love the beautiful delicate style and strokes and the perspective in the scenes. and i can’t say much else due to the language barrier.




see more goodness and mystery right here.

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