jesh de rox photography

I know some of us think wedding photography can be so cheesy, but have you seen these wondrous images from contemporary Canadian artist Jesh de Rox? They are simply extraordinary, with an elegant, vintage timeless feeling achieved using modern techniques. His intimate and textural style feels like it comes much more from an whole, artistic point of view than the old methodology. And the breathtaking results transcend the traditional ideas of wedding photography and what we thought were its subsequent limitations. These are thoughtful portraits that can so easily be diplayed everyday in your home instead of in a dusty old album.



The loosely styled, posed-but-not-stiff looking images capturing the beautiful nuances of a moment in time were exactly the kind I had wanted for my own wedding so many years ago (15 years to be exact!). We did our best to articulate it to the person we had hired to shoot the wedding, but it really did not work out the way we pictured it in our minds. We can always hope for something exciting if we do a 20th vow renewal though…




For those of you lucky enough to be living in Western Canada, Jesh takes on a few commissions per year, so you might be able to ensure that the dreamiest, happiest day of your life will be recorded in the most special way. If not, you can always enjoy more of Jesh’s stunning portfolio on his website, and follow along with him on his life’s journey on his blog.

un bon weekend

I feel like it has been a while since I said “so long, I am off to Michigan for the weekend” because of all the health issues with the animals in my house this summer. I’m saying it now though. We are sneaking off for a long rejuvenating weekend, one that consists of not staring at computers till we go cross-eyed, trying to focus on the tiny screens of our cell phones or having to stop some fun or creative activity so we can hurry off to go do some errand thing that needs to get done right away. Sick of that.


I hope your weekend is a happy and relaxing one as well!

jenny flanders photography: miniview


what you see is what you get, or wysiwyg. have you ever heard that phrase before? i usually think of it with regards to lotus spreadsheets. i also think that it applies to good food that is essentially naked and perfectly seasoned, which requires talent and effort to achieve. now, i also think it applies to the beautiful work of photographer jenny flanders. jenny is able to capture the essence of her subjects in a very intimate, authentic way. her macro shots are so inviting, and her abstract shots compel me to look a little bit longer and think about how she shot them, and how she brings out the best in them using this wysiwyg style. no primping or preening at all. just purity, plain and simple. i wanted to know a little more, so i asked…


q: where do you live and where do you create your work?
a: i live in seattle, washington, and i create much of my work just walking around my neighborhood. (i try to stick to what i can reach from the sidewalk rather than trespassing in my neighbors’ gardens.) i also spend quite a bit of time in central washington state, which is orchard and wine country. and of course i always take my camera on vacation!


q: what sold you on photography? what do you think makes it stand out from other art mediums?
a: i haven’t figured out another way to make art that satisfies me enough that i’d display it in my own home. photography stands out from many other mediums in that it’s more accessible. it’s relatively easy to acquire a camera, and it’s more portable than an easel, a sewing machine or a pottery wheel. photography can also be more “concrete” than other art forms, and i think that gives it great power to help people see the world differently.


q: you’ve got two shops on etsy: one with your nature images, and the other with your abstract collection. do you have a favorite motif?
a: i’m going to have to go with “natural abstracts.” 🙂 there are other things that catch my eye, but a lot of them just don’t fit with my nature photos. hence, my rather neglected second shop.


q: your images are largely if not exclusively unadorned (and by that i mean unenhanced digitally). what made you make that decision, and what do you think is the main benefit of this style?
a: well, i’ve moved from not knowing how to digitally enhance my photos to having some idea but still thinking they look pretty good without it. beyond removing a stray speck of dirt, how can i improve on nature? time is definitely a factor, but editing really isn’t the fun part for me. maybe i’ll develop that interest someday and open a third shop!



q: if you could shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be? and why?
a: the first place that comes to mind is hawaii, or anywhere lush, tropical and exotic. brazil’s atlantic forest is known for its biodiversity — 20,000 plant species ought to keep me busy for a while! i also need to pay my brother a visit in brooklyn, since the botanic garden there is considered among the best in the world. the why is probably pretty evident when you look at my “main” shop, but i’m truly fascinated by the details nature has to offer.


see more of jenny’s work at her two etsy shops.


thank you jenny!

hide and seek illustrations

kelly spotted these lovely illustrations on etsy and i love the childhood fairy tale motifs and this spooky/enchanting feeling they give off. they created by uk artist hidden eloise, aka hidenseek. these pieces start out as hand drawn images and then are digitally colored.




see more compelling visual storytelling at eloise’s etsy shop and be sure to check out her website too.

snapshot sunday


one dollar sketches (yes, one dollar)

you know, i am a big advocate of affordable art, and i’ve been saying lately that if i were to open a gallery or shop it would be filled with a majority of things from $2 on up, if anyone actually made anything pretty, unique or cool that was $2. i am pleased to report that my prices might actually start at a dollar instead, now that i have seen these wee little illustrations from etsy seller onedollarsketch. the mysterious forces behind these creations prefers to remain anonymous, but has revealed that the pieces start out as a traditional drawing and are digitally colored. did i mention that all of them are one dollar each?




i like the simple style and collection of familiar objects here, and how exciting that many, many more of us are able to beautify our surroundings with a little art. let’s give the artist a big hand!

see what else is for sale and say hello right here.

etsy shop update

beloved readers, you all should know by now that the focus of my attention on this blog is rarely on me, but i need to tell you all that i am just thrilled with the very positive response i’ve been getting at my etsy shop. people have been so welcoming and inclusive and my “new kid at school” jitters have melted away. my orange balloon photograph (top row, center) even made it to the front page of etsy, in a lovely treasury put together by tabitha from thepairabirds shop. thank you, tabitha!


my latest additions include new photographic images and another thing that i mentioned a while ago: digital giclee art prints created from my original photographs.




i am really happy with the way the prints turned out. they’re so vibrant, and on this gorgeous textured watercolor paper that is hefty and beautiful. besides the extensive production work i do to create these prints, i (of course) continue to take photos every day. i’m currently working on a black and white collection. and i might do some botanicals with the ttv technique. we’ll see.

it’s so much fun to create art. it recharges my batteries. i think i forgot how joyful it can make a person. and lately, it has taken me away from this place. i know i’ll get back on track blogwise, but for now i’m off now to work on expanding my collection. stay tuned!

digital art prints from my photos?

i have been playing around in photoshop and am thinking about taking some of my original images and reproducing them as digital prints (that look like a drawing or a painting) on nice thick paper for my shop. what do you think about that?


your opinion is greatly appreciated!

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