patricia urquiola crinoline chairs

patricia urquiola can do no wrong! patricia urquiola can do no wrong! (i apologize if you hear this too much around here but i think it’s the truth.) i love the rustically styled weaving and inspired crewel work on the chair with the high backrest on these crinoline chairs.


distributed, natch, through b + b italia.

david sears furniture design

i am enjoying the eco-friendly collection of boston-based architect (and now furniture designer) david sears. his modular cube furniture collection is crafted from maple and high-end plywood, which is stronger and uses more of an actual tree than solid wood does. the compact and clean styles have attractive details, and would be well suited to small space living.


see more and contact david on his website.

dexter chairs and collection by amy lau

I think I have Halloween spirit right now. It is rather unnerving because I am afraid of ghouls and hobgoblins most of the time. This year, though, I seem to be unafraid of the macabre. I watch my spooky television shows with relish and feel bad when they are over, because I want more. Weird but true. Speaking of macabre, have a look at these great chairs from Amy Lau for the special Dexter collection she put together for the Met Home Showtime House event. Select pieces are now available at Spring in Brooklyn. They are made of ultraleather, with hand-embroidered blood stain detailing. A few have even been signed by the television serial killer himself.





I am also wild (wild) about these hand-thrown porcelain fingerprint plates that are from KleinReid for the same collection. Beautifully designed, they definitely do not give off a creepy feel like those chairs do. Even if you don’t watch the show, you still get the point.


Purchase these pieces and much more at Spring, and discover more about Amy Lau on her website.

permafrost design studio

let’s have a look at some of the terrific designs from norway’s permafrost design studio. i like the retro freshness and playfulness of the whole collection, which to me looks sturdy and substantial as well.








i am especially enjoying the fun and aptly named john deere and silence rugs.

see much more on the permafrost website, and find the rugs at generate.

mummy chair

this bright beech wood and stretchy ribbon-festooned mummy chair, from dutch designer peter traag for edra, certainly looks like it will wrap you in comfort the moment you sit in it.


see what i did there?

find it at moss.

abr’s cul is cool stool

hah! i enjoy my designy (window) shopping posts so get ready for a few fun ones. look here at the reproduction rear end of michelangelo’s david, made new again by ramón ubeda and otto canalda, of spain’s abr. this fresh fanny is made of polypropelene and unlike the stone original is apparently quite lightweight.




you can purchase the stool in berlin at bcn. the red version is a special edition and you can find it over at the conran shop.

see more designs by the witty duo at abr.

lola chaise

i am enjoying the details of this lola chaise: the tufted upholstery with versatile color palette, the retro modern sensibility and the knee notch, for our comfort.



find them in single and double options at chiasso, and be sure to check out their blog too for other cool things.

stone art and decor (round up)

oh man! i am so excited to go see shine a light, the new documentary concert movie of the rolling stones from the brilliant martin scorsese. in honor of one of my favorite bands, i bring you a round up of solidly stylish art, furnishings and personal accessories made of mighty rock:


cairn candleholders from viva terra


limestone cleopatra therapeutic chaise by fabio alemanno


textured sculpture works from antonio valverde


pebble bracelet from etsy seller iacua


beach stone evening bag from kathleen dustin


vintage stone lamps from wisteria


beautiful large-scale sculptures from seattle artist shane hart


leah csiszar and charles austin’s andromeda plate and granite vessels


polycarbonate stone stool by marcel wanders; fjord stool from patricia urquiola


stone powder and resin votive holders from homeport


stone console table by james murphy


pebble votives from alkamie


head two marble sculpture by david norem


felt rocks from molo

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