light cubes from david henrichs

looks at these cool light cubes from german designer david henrichs. david is inspired by nature and landscape art, and his goal is to create energy efficient, sustainable high quality work.




steel sheets are cut by laser and then folded to craft his light boxes. once completed, they are lacquered, signed and numbered. an energy saving light bulb and acrylic diffusers are included with each piece. some custom finishes and surfaces may be offered.

i find the juxtaposition of those industrial materials and his organic influences very interesting.

check ’em out for yourself at david’s dawanda shop.

via cribcandy

crazy for cuckoos

i don’t know where this is coming from (my state of flux perhaps?), but i’m batty about cuckoo birds and clocks. apparently, i’m not the only one!


contemporary german wood clock from moma, via crib candy.


abstract digital clock, via geekalerts.


maple or walnut finishes and clean lines from interior hattori.


original acrylic painting from washington artist michelle knowlen, for her eggman etsy shop.


delicate sterling necklace from scotland’s lustre shop, also on etsy.


gorgeous chinese woodblock print from chinese artist jin’s dawanda shop.


dual purpose kitchen table by schulte

if i ever figure out how and when to remodel our cottage in michigan, i would strongly consider putting this simply fabulous kitchen table in it from schulte design of germany. this substantial wooden table isn’t just for dining — it also has an integrated built-in metal cook surface, cutlery drawers and large storage area underneath. a cantilever styled edge allows for an intimately combined cooking and dining experience.







the integrated main outlets will keep the tabletop clear of criss-crossing cords (cool!). the table and companion sideboard are available in a variety of woods, including the walnut pictured here. for a most complete picture, add one of their gorgeous leather benches they show with it too!

more beautiful designs here.

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wacky animal bookmarks from color craft

i think these worm and rat bookmarks from color craft are so cute!


they’re made from felted merino wool, and are available in a plethora of colors.


i also like her jars.


just plain fun.

available right here.

sleek smooth carl mertens

design-oriented diners probably know all about german design wizard carl mertens,


but did you know that the company is doing a tabletop fireplace?


it’s comprised of slate and stainless steel, and it beats a boring old oil lamp anyday.

the only question is whether i like it better than the one wolf udo wagner has designed.


click on carl for more info.

find it at unica home.

a cozy fire to keep you cool, by ponton

really, i was going to wait until it got colder to write about this, but i’m sure you can visualize this in your living room many, many months from now…

behold the urban campfire interpretation, from wolf udo wagner for german company ponton.


wolf strives to bridge the gap between manmade objects and nature through his designs.

you will have to tell me if it is cooler than carl mertens‘ piece in the other post, because i can’t figure it out.

click here for more info.

via designspotter

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