sick day

i have a cold. does anyone know what walking pneumonia is? anyway i don’t feel good and am taking it easy today. i am so sleepy, which as you can see appears to be rubbing off on those around me.

sleepy kaiser

sleepy lucky

sleepy nestle


is there strength in numbers? maybe not when it comes to colds. hopefully i will be back tomorrow tanned rested and ready for action.

thomas broomé illustrations

perhaps you know swedish artist thomas broomé for his low res man sculpture, but i also love what clever pieces he has created here in his modern mantra collection. he is using a liberal amount of the alphabet to create texture, depth and positive/negative space in his clean lined drawings, and takes us on a very funky house tour at the same time.






i love the walk-in closet.

thomas is represented by the galleri magnus karlsson in stockholm. you can see lots more intriguing artwork in a variety of media from thomas on his website too.

via fabrica

funky house design: quetzalcoatl nest

it’s been a dog’s age since i wrote an architecture post. i actually think the articles i have written have been pretty popular, but lately i’ve been swept away by other interests and you can see how and which way the wind blows if you come here regularly. i’m actually pledging to myself to write on this topic with a bit more frequency, but it would help me to know if you guys like the subject, so please drop me a comment or send me an email and let me know!

anyway, on with the show. look here at this curvy house designed by mexican architect javier senosiain. it was designed in the shape of a serpent to pay tribute to aztec deity quetzalcoatl. the home sits on a 12+ acre site and was particularly challenging to build due to the requirement that no trees were to be removed for construction.







see the rest of this home and many more examples of daring architecture on javier’s website. he’s also written a book about the elements and philosophy of organic design.

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i am flying off to celebrate my dear hubby’s bday, so please don’t fret if there are not as many posts as usual  for the next few days. I will be back on monday with all kinds of new inspirations and eclectic fun!

until then, i give you the lion in winter:


(tee hee)

perch! ceramic designs

i love the fresh positive feeling i get when i look at these ceramic pieces by brooklyn artist amy adams for her perch! design company. with smooth surfaces, colors found in nature and minimal decoration, it’s easy to picture having these things in any room in the house.






i especially like the early bird lamp, not just because i’m a birdwatcher but also because of the intelligent up and downlight design. very thoughtful.

you can see more about amy and purchase the collection on her website, and purchase select works at the supermarket.

olivier mourgue bouloum chaise

this playful foam and steel framed chaise by celebrated french furniture designer olivier mourgue gives new meaning to the concept of spooning. it’s named bouloum, after a childhood friend.


they must have been very close.

in the permanent collection at moma, and $950 at hive.

via freshome

floral indulgence

i know it’s bad and wrong and i realize i’m not helping the green cause much because of this, because i know the fuel it takes to truck these things around the country, but i was feeling a tad blue and could not help myself! i had to buy those peonies, i had to get them some friends, and i had to take them home and put them in my anne black vase. and they needed to be pink.






such decadence in december!

big game coat rack

if you’re picking up anything about me from the musings i’m putting down here, it’s that i find sculptural functional things pleasing, which leads me to this coat rack made of oak from belgian and swiss based designers big-game. to me it looks like fred astaire in singular wood form: lithe, lean and ready to move around the room at any moment.


it’s so simple i can smell a diy nearby, but could any be quite as elegant as this?

find it at generate.

via betterlivingthroughdesign

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