paintings on pencils by ghostpatrol

look at these unusual acrylic and ink paintings from the mysterious melbourne-based multimedia artist ghostpatrol. they’re precisely painted onto rows of yellow pencils, which have been carefully stripped of their color in the image area. the subjects and the ultimate results are perfectly meticulous and just a little bit spooky.





see much more at the ghostpatrol website, where you can purchase select art pieces and contact the artist.

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andrea joseph drawings

beautiful pen, pencil and ink work from uk artist andrea joseph.




see what’s on her mind right now at her blog.

trish grantham paintings

loving this loose loopy style of painting from lovely portland artist trish grantham. i like that her simple characters belie a range of emotions much more complex than what appears on the surface. these pieces are made of vintage paper, acrylic, ink, watercolor and resin, mounted on wood.





see more works from trish on her website, and see her etsy shop too. if you are in the los angeles area, be sure to stop by the loved group show at the lab 101 gallery (from august 16th, 2008 through september 10th, 2008). trish is showing there along with amy ruppel, keith obrien and julliana swaney.

sumi-e paintings by dalia doksaite

i am in the mood for some ethereal softness and these sumi-e paintings by lithuanian artist dalia doksaite, rich with tradition, are fitting the bill.

dalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_neringa

dalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_waterfalldalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_temple

dalia doksaite_sumi-e_painting_vilnius

so delicate and dreamy.

see more beauty at dalia’s website.

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erin smith mixed media art

i love the rich and humorous mixed media collection from georgia artist erin smith. these printed giclee collages are crafted from a combination of acrylic, watercolor, inks, paper, found objects and digital media. the folks in the vintage photographs are her relatives, and the witty prose of course is her own.

erin _smith_collage_art_burst_into_flames


this may come as a surprise to some of you but the feeling of being on edge comes quite naturally to me. i think these pieces are an almost perfect reflection of some of my innermost thoughts. do they reflect your thoughts too?

find erin’s collection at uncommon goods and mud and metal, and be sure to visit erin at her website too.

bill frederick watercolor and graphite art

oh my word. if you haven’t thought about your summer travel plans yet, get ready to plan a road trip immediately after looking at these terrific watercolor, ink and graphite works on paper from the fabulously talented bill frederick.





i’ve got the car gassed up — who is with me?

bill is currently exhibiting these pieces and many others in his lovely in the distance solo show at the zg gallery, now through may 31st, 2008. get there online or in person if you can!

iris schwarz illustrations: miniview


look at these enchanting and slightly surreal digital collage pieces, from swiss artist iris schwarz. there is something familiar about these delicate works which draws me to them, like i’ve seen them in a museum or maybe while i was daydreaming. iris uses ink, pencil and acrylic, and also draws upon a variety of vintage influences and imagery to complete her intriguing collection. even her shop name, which is called paulette edition, was inspired from her love of things old fashioned and very french! ever curious to know more about the brains behind the operation, i asked a few quick questions…


q: how did you get into creating these lovely illustrations?
a: after my graduation in graphic design and illustration i’m now self-employed for about ten years. graphic design always was more of a job, but illustration/drawing/painting is my real passion. i started with editorial illustration for several magazines and newspapers, today i work more as a freelancer, selling my art and illustrations online or direct to my audience.



q: what inspires you to make art?
a: art – contemporary, but even more the old schools (italian renaissance, the dutch school – i adore this accurate work), fairy tales, craft – i’m impressed by certain skills people have, victorian illustration. almost everything old… illustrated books, textiles, furniture (antique shops or flea markets are my obsession, especially in paris!), nature is very important to me, sometimes a conversation, beauty.



q: do you have a favorite medium to work in?
a: a pencil, a brush and paper. but, i must admit my iMac (photoshop) and me became really good friends too!


see the conplete collection, purchase these pieces and contact iris at her etsy shop.

thank you iris!

carambatack illustrations

(ed.note: hey, everybody! 500th post!)

i could get swept away in these illustrations from norwegian artist annette mangseth. i love the colors she uses and the serene tone she sets with her dreamy images.







she has a combination of original pieces, little one of a kind art cards and prints available. everything is clean lined and orderly, which makes it much easier to get lost in imagination, don’t you think?

purchase annette’s work at her etsy shop and see her flickr stream too for more lovely things.

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