maurizio savini chewing gum sculpture

italian artist maurizio savini creates amazingly detailed and slightly disturbing sculptures out of chewing gum and has exhibited throughout europe. he enjoys using the gum as a medium due to the multiple senses engaged while chewing it, and also because it is a reminder of his youth and adolescence.




maurizio is elusive! he does not appear to have his own website, but an information page can be found here, and also (in italian) at the next door gallery, where he is represented.

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b+b italia canasta outdoor furniture

it may cost multiple mortgage payments and might be just a tad too low to the ground for me, but i swiftly and deftly defy these challenges to present to you the new canasta collection designer by patricia urquiola for the ubercool b + b italia. patricia designed these gorgeous pieces as a nod to past traditions of woven seating, but exaggerated the loose weave to keep a contemporary edge. the collection is made of lightweight polyethylene for durability in the elements, and is offered with high and low backs in white or bronze with a variety of coordinating pillows.


b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_chairs




b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_tables

b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_side tables

b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_dining_table

oh, to be poolside reading something juicy and enjoying the weather around me while sitting on one of these… i love their loose, open weave and how they fit so seamlessly into modern garden spaces. sign me up.

see more beautiful furnishings at the b + b website.

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naxos ceramic room divider

this may be a very site specific thing, but nevertheless a cool thing. behold the ceramic wall from high end italian tile company naxos! to me it is more of a gigantic sculpture than a wall, but it will help to define your spaces and create vertical interest. choices include square, ring and shape (more like a sharp square) patterns, silver or gold frame structure and a limited but luscious color palette which includes a burnt orange and a dusty plum.





i love the mid-century rounded geo shapes, and the fact that it is handcrafted clay just makes me want to run my hands all over it.

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round scoop bed by saba italia

(i’m not complaining but) this bed has been all over cyberspace now — and i’m writing about it anyway, because it is too cool. behold the scoop bed from by guido rosati for saba italia. it’s a bed and a sofa, a very handy design if living in smallish dwellings where space is limited. they make a delicious square version too, if you must be linear.





it’s too bad we don’t have availability in the states, because that square one looks like a big fluffy sleepy swimming pool to me. that i would like to go swimming in.

i must say that i haven’t seen anything this swinging since larry gordon’s photo of hef’s bed (not that i’ve seen it in person!).


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palazzetti wood burning stove

this camilla wood burning stove from italy’s palazzetti has hooked me for a few reasons: it’s self cleaning, is vivdly colored and most importantly reminds me of a jukebox. i imagine roasting root veggies or puffing up a frittata in the curved top portion of this stove — how cool!


get more info and view their other modern fireplace and oven designs on their website.

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studio archirivolto charme chair

i don’t care that these are $795 each, i’m hatching a plan now to cook up a scheme to somehow see these in the flesh and maybe sit on them once… to me this is the perfect feminine/masculine chair. glamorous and curvy, but made from macho materials of aluminum and leather, from the brilliant minds at italy’s studio archirivolto for fasem.





see for yourself at fy2k or the conran shop.

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bellato round table

ack! i’m nutty coconutty about this sleek round (well, the company calls it round) table by luciano bertoncini for italy’s bellato. it looks more like a wedge to me. revel in its curvy lines and the way it stores your stuff. three compartments open 360°, so all your remotes, mail, magazines and whatever else you have cluttering up your family room can now be hidden away.




bonus: this sleek piece of furniture is on wheels for added convenience!

i love intelligently designed furniture that can multitask — it’s almost like having an intimate, interactive relationship with what is in your home instead of simply occupying/admiring/dusting it all.

it’s offered in wenge or a black and white finishes, and dimensions are cm 59.5 x 59.5 x 37, or about 24″ x 24″ x 15″.

check out bellato’s website for more info.

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archeoceramica natural decor acrylic tiles

these acrylic tiles from the natural decor collection of italy’s archeoceramica intrigue me. i love that they’re embedded with organic materials (no, i couldn’t possibly tire of that), and the idea of a large surface covered in them, actually a single pour, like this table. these tiles are suitable for a backsplash, counter or floor, and are more durable than other traditional materials.





not to put too fine a point on it, but i would love to see them expand their selection to include some materials that i couldn’t buy at a chain craft supply store in any city. how about ginko or lemon leaves or ivory buttons and spools?

i do love this idea though (and those shells!).

for more info and to see the full sampling, head over to their website.


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