ruth lyne glass

you may remember the talents of glass artist ruth lyne from the last time i wrote about her. she’s been busy in the kiln and has added some new larger scale panels of glass which are just as serene and beautiful as her tabletop collection.


if you are lucky enough to be in london you can view her collection with the cohesion glass network at the affordable art fair in battersea park, from march 12-15, 2009. the rest of us non-travelers can admire her work on her website. 🙂

ceramic urban gnomes by vitamin

London design house Vitamin has created a whole new way of dressing your modern garden with these urban gnomes. Made from bone china, they don’t possess the cheezy kitch the ubiquitous plastic kind has. They are much more sculptural and contemporary, which is either a relief or rather alarming, depending on your point of view…




These pieces if left in a leafy green garden will absolutely light up the night. I say two thumbs up.

Find the gnomes at Generate, and see more of Vitamin’s products on their website.

sander mulder lamps at generate

i love contemporary lighting and i love generate as a resource. look here at the sexy (and environmentally friendly!) pieces that have recently arrived from slick dutch designer sander mulder: the beautifully minimal, dimmable aluminum halo lamp (no light bulb!), and the playful handblown pyrex ceci (mentioned before), which uses the shape of a broken bulb as a shade for an led.





one is $229, and the other, well, you’ll have to ask… but they’re both available right here.

my beautiful backside sofa by doshi levien

gather round everyone and admire my beautiful backside! oh. oh no. i didn’t mean my backside, i meant the very modern sofa from nipa doshi and her design partner (and husband) jonathan levien for moroso. i am quite batty about the high asymmetrical backs, the gorgeous indian textile choices and exaggerated style. it was inspired by a painting called the garden of life.




i don’t care if i am looking at the front or the back, i like it from every angle.

see more design excellence from the talented duo right here.

via bonluxat

julia pott illustrations

loving these illustrations from london artist julia pott!




purchase this whimsy and more at julia’s etsy shop and stop by her blog or website to say hello!

via dear ada

glo canvas lighting by chris duffy

i love the simple ideas that give great impact in a room, so these glo canvases from london-based designer chris duffy intrigue me, especially because you can provide your own images to create a truly one of a kind lighting fixture.




so, what image would you have hanging from the ceiling? because you could hang one up there. and please don’t say farrah fawcett in that swimsuit.

the canvases are offered in small (35.4″ square) and large (55″ x 35.4″), as well as custom sizes. check them out at generate.

matt stuart photography

i carry my camera with me everywhere, because you never know what oddly perfect and beautiful things you might see in your daily routines. this is part of the reason why i am drawn to these wonderful photographs from uk artist matt stuart.





on the rare occasion i am able to capture something permanently in a photograph that is all at once mundane, spontaneous and poetic, it seriously satisfies and fortifies my soul. i see this in matt’s photos, and i am so glad to have found them.

see more of matt’s intriguing images on his website and in-public, a very cool street photography gallery/site.

via designboom

cmyk lamp shade by soner ozerc

i like this interesting laser cut acrylic cmyk shade from london-based designer soner ozenc. it is both flexible and intelligent, due to its flatpack design and option of mixing and matching any two of the four colors cmyk stands for: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. it comes in single colors or double combinations, and requires self-assembly.



i appreciate the minimal amounts of wasted material and space in the manufacture and packaging of these shades and enjoy the idea of changing the color of the shade to suit my mood.

find it right here, and see more intriguing designs on soner’s website.

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