kirsten hassenfeld paper sculpture

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look at these gorgeous mixed media sculptures made from intricate paper cut outs, pipe cleaners, artboard and more from brooklyn’s kirsten hassenfeld. i love the scale and the delicate nature of the materials she uses. to me these pieces are poking and pushing around their edges, preparing to break into something bigger, into excess or obsession, or both.








these compositions are like a decadent party replete with extravagant strands of pearls and soft decorative chains strewn across the ceiling. i admire the softness of the light and the intimate feeling kirsten gifts to her viewers with these carefully crafted works.

kirsten is represented by the bellwether gallery in new york, and you can find out a lot more about her right here.

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dillon designs acrylic jewelry

i love these shrinky dink rings with cool patterns on them from new york artists (and mother and daughter team!) linda and jen ackerman of dillon designs. they are made of acrylic and are stamped with water proof ink.



fun and very affordable ($7.50 each!).

see the full selection at their etsy shop.

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nicole gastonguay crochet works

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this is going around the intertube but i don’t care, i must write about it. i love this awesome crochet work from new york graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire nicole gastonguay. this is yarn freestyling at its best people – nicole doesn’t use patterns for her creations!




i love the cannoli and the shape of the mashed potatoes.

see her flickr stream for more neatly finished hilarity.

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fishs eddy brooklynese collection

i miss new york. there was a time when i was there 4-6 times a year for business and it felt like my second home. i haven’t been back for a few years now. i miss slipping seamlessly into the tension and the grit and complexion of the city and the streams of people rushing past me on the sidewalk in midtown and quiet moments on neighborhood streets in chelsea when there wouldn’t be a soul around. i miss the odd smell of the subway air and how my feet would ache at the end of the day, from walking and walking and walking uptown crosstown downtown. i miss the narrow streets of the village and the neighborhood shops on the upper west side. i miss the cab drivers asking me if i wanted to take the triboro bridge or the midtown tunnel from laguardia and knowing exactly where i would end up depending on what my answer was. i miss riverside drive and pommes frites and the cupcake cafe and the mud truck.

but i can always remind myself of the good times and laugh a little bit when i look the brooklynese collection from one of my favorite shops, fishs eddy.





amusing! but i still think a trip is in order soon.

purchase them all right here.

matt bango photography

i love these photographs from new york artist matt bango. he makes it look like it’s just another day in the park – wake up, stretch, sip some coffee and then take a few snapshots before you run off to face the day. real simple, unless you know what it’s like to photograph wild birds. you must dedicate hours to it, get up at the crack of dawn, be very still and stay focused, otherwise you won’t get any good shots off. not easy, unless you are talented like that (see below).




matt takes you straight into the forest with these pieces. one look and you’re right there in the woods with him, peeping quietly, admiring the light, listening for the calls and songs of the creatures flitting through the trees and feeling the crispness of the morning settle in around you. the quiet energy is dignified and powerful coming through these photos, and that is so special. even more special is the fact that he is a student at the rochester institute of technology!

i am looking forward to seeing the building and transformation of matt’s art as time goes by.

purchase these pieces from matt right here, and be sure to see his website for more good info!

aijung kim art

multitalented new york printmaker aijung kim has created these sweet little letterpress pocket pictures in cute mini letterpress frames. they measure about 2 1/2″ x 3 1/16″.


there aren’t too many left, so run over to her etsy shop if you want one and see more of the wonderful art she makes on her website.

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reed seifer designs

identity, publication and all-around feel-good designer reed seifer has a penchant for cheering people up. reed created his project optimism when he was a design student at clark university. he created limited edition optimism buttons that he gave away, and reprised the idea several times and in larger quantities each time after he graduated. since then, the enthusiasm has grown to amazing proportions. take a look at his supportive, humorous and gently self-affirming products he has created to lift our spirits:







okay, maybe that print is a little snarky but can you imagine being in a bad mood once you look at the jar of optimism sitting on the shelf in front of you?

reed has been commissioned for a large scale distribution of optimism in new york sometime this year, so be on the lookout! until you are wearing one on your lapel yourself, you can view reed’s portfolio here (he designed the beautiful ralph lauren book for rizzoli) and take a peek too at his project optimism site. and you can purchase all the items shown above at supermarket.

perch! ceramic designs

i love the fresh positive feeling i get when i look at these ceramic pieces by brooklyn artist amy adams for her perch! design company. with smooth surfaces, colors found in nature and minimal decoration, it’s easy to picture having these things in any room in the house.






i especially like the early bird lamp, not just because i’m a birdwatcher but also because of the intelligent up and downlight design. very thoughtful.

you can see more about amy and purchase the collection on her website, and purchase select works at the supermarket.

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