cathy connolley illustrations

check out these lovely prints and beautiful original pen and ink pieces by uk artist cathy connolley. a self-taught artist, she uses the pointillism technique to create many of the items in her nature and mythology-influenced collection.





say hi to cathy on her blog, see more work on her website, and purchase these pieces at her etsy shop.

annie patterson illustrations

reader theresa pointed me to award-winning alaska artist annie patterson’s illustrations, and i am so happy that she did. annie is a published children’s book illustrator and has a delicate, detailed style and motifs that make your imagination float away with the wind.





see annie’s portfolio on her website and check her blog out too for news and updates.

natasha newton paintings and illustration

i like the clean lines in these pretty little ink drawings and acrylic paintings from uk artist natasha newton. there is a lot of depth, texture and good positive energy swirling around here now that i’m looking at them.






see more in natasha’s etsy shop and website, and say hello on her blog too.

laura ferrara graphite drawings: miniview


too much noise isn’t good for the soul. sometimes i try to go to my zen place when i am driving by myself, because it’s practically the only time i am by myself. it doesn’t always work, and i certainly can’t go to that deep place of contemplation in my car when the guy behind me is honking and pushing me along. no, those moments, which we should incorporate into our daily routines, are better actualized in other scenarios, like looking at these pensive illustrations from laura ferrara, aka etsy seller emersonbookcase. laura’s graphite sketches, with their soft lines and dreamy, fluid energy, are simultaneously delicate and strong. the non-linear subject matter and unusual combinations of real world objects in her triple series collection contrast so nicely against the washy graph sheets, and there’s just enough amounts of light and shadow on the paper to encourage you to slow it down, stare it down, and allow your mind to come up to the surface for a while. i needed to know more about the author of these visual chronicles, so…


q: where do you live and where do you create your drawings? i am picturing, well, ralph waldo emerson’s study?
a: i live in lovely silver spring, maryland, a suburb of dc. my drawing/painting space is in my bedroom and takes up the whole west wall. it is not nearly as contemplative as emerson’s study or thoreau’s cabin for that matter, but i do spend some of the best moments of my day there.


q: what inspires you to draw and paint?
a: i am inspired by the odd overheard phrase of a conversation i am not a part of, the way an old man walks in the heat, or the glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, while putting away the groceries, of a moth desperately trying to become a part of the porch light. the little things, you know, the exquisite moments when i feel completely awake and notice everything, taking nothing for granted.


q: where did the idea of the triple series come from?
a: the idea of the triple series came one day while sitting at work. i was thinking about the world and its place in the universe. how really impossible it seems that we exist at all, given the hostile conditions off the planet. if you think about it, i mean really think, we are so vulnerable and fragile floating around in space. we really need each other, not just other humans, but the whole unbelievable variety evolution has so generously given us. the trees, the insects, the animals. we all need to be here in order to continue to thrive. so i wanted to illustrate the amazing diversity of living things and our mutual dependence, in a very simple way. the composition of three images seemed the most direct.


see laura’s full collection and contact her at her etsy shop.


thank you laura!

dana robson collage works

i am buzzy doing blog maintenance, working on my special creative project and caring for my big doggie who is having trouble walking post-seizure, so i cannot write much today but i wanted to show you the beautiful works of san francisco artist dana robson. i love the gorgeous handwork here; the stitching onto vintage papers and maps, the goccoing, the nature motifs and while we are at it let’s not ignore the frame crafting either. the pieces give off a flowing, soothing energy which my whole house could use right now.




purchase these pieces at the beholder and see dana’s website for more.

michelle “milo” white paintings

i’m in a michelle mood today. with two els. i think i may be doing focused posts based on people’s names again in the future, because it’s fun! anyway, let’s circle back to the brilliant talents of san francisco artist michelle “milo” white for a moment. i am wild about milo’s unique illustration style and at the time i wrote about her i don’t think she was selling her work, so i am so glad to see that she’s sharing some of her wonderful paintings with all of us now!




i am really stoked to know that i can buy one of these 3 x 5″ originals, framed, for just $100. viva milo!

purchase these pieces and see much more at her website, and be sure to check out her blog too.

michelle moode mixed media art

my thoughts today are light, sprinkled and not particularly struggling to be organized (case in point: that last post was supposed to go live yesterday, but somehow i clicked private and it never went), so these mixed media works by california artist michelle moode are a perfect fit. michelle says her work is non-linear and that the repetitive processes she uses — like piece or scrap undoing and redoing, tea staining and stitching — help to create a record of her personal thoughts. very nicely put if i say so myself.


michelle_moode_artwork_the_principal_of _the_thing




softly colored, abstract and free-formed in the mind — what’s not to like?

say hi to michelle on her blog and purchase her work right here.

noferin artworks

oh man i am running around like a freak today so this may be the only thing i dash off to you, stupid stupid me clicked private draft on this and it never got published yesterday! so sorry! but i (still) think it’s a good one! behold the lush and magical artwork of australia’s noferin! these richly detailed works come from the minds and imaginations of candy and nicho. they seek to tell us of the colorful tales of carrara island and the pecanpals, some very lovable-looking and bulbous-headed characters who inhabit the mythical island.






boy, am i tempted to pack a suitcase and move to carrara island now…

see candy and nicho’s work in person for a limited time beginning june 20th at gallery 1988 in san francisco, say hello to them on their blog, view their flickr stream and head over to their website to see more and purchase delightful things.

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