alice evans illustrations

i enjoy all the illustration work i’ve seen from uk student and artist alice evans, but i think this handmade, one-off book called the book for bad days is extra sweet.



see more from alice on her blog and portfolio, and purchase this special seven page piece in her shop (she has a few other fun books in the shop as well).

julia pott illustrations

loving these illustrations from london artist julia pott!




purchase this whimsy and more at julia’s etsy shop and stop by her blog or website to say hello!

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hollis brown thornton art

have you seen the impressive moleskine piece collection by south carolina artist hollis brown thornton? they are acrylic and pigment transfers.





absolutely gorgeous, thought-provoking ideas going on here.

go to his flickr stream or website for more info — right away — to see more beautiful work!

thaddeus erdahl ceramics

this work from florida-based sculptor thaddeus erdahl is terrific. so many stories being told with skillful technique in an expressive, tactile medium. thaddeus is influenced by everyday life and pop culture, and is intrigued and by elemental human emotion as well as fantasy and children’s literature. he dexterously creates a multitude of feelings and energy through these dramatically detailed pieces.




see more of the collection and contact thaddeus on his website.

lisaur collage art

looking through the postcard section in resale shops is one of me and my husband’s favorite pastimes. we peep at the penmanship and wonder what state of mind the senders were in when they sent their correspondence, as well as the receivers. that is part of the reason why i am drawn to this small scale mixed media art from etsy seller lisaur, made from recycled postcards and collaged on the written sides.




the rich color combinations only serve as a compliment to the mysterious torn stories told on their papers.

see lisa’s full collection here.

jake phipps pendant lamps

okay, i will hang up the lighting now by signing off with these terrific ceiling fixtures from uk designer jake phipps for the hidden art collective. beautifully structured hats lined with decadent gold or silver that have people names are right up my alley! jeeves is the bowler and wooster is the top hat. i love the idea of taking a classically styled item steeped in tradition and turning it on its ear by utilizing it in a new creative, functional way. i would call these guys whimsical but i think that word gets a bad rap, so how about deliciously surprising? humorously stylish? playfully bold? i can’t decide. maybe all of the above.



i totally want to play monopoly at a table with the triple top hats hanging overhead.

purchase these lights and many more inventive things at the hidden art shop.

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holiday ornament swap – #4, #5

look at the loveliness that arrived in the mail today – two more swap ornaments!


can you see the glitter on this super sweet painted snowman? thanks karen!



see the teeny little holly in miss birdie’s hair – so beautifully sewn? thanks danielle!


marc johns watercolors

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it’s monday and already time for a hearty laugh, so let’s look at these terrific watercolor pieces from canadian artist marc johns. marc believes that truth can be found through humor, and strives to create a minimal style of art that reaps maximum impact on the viewer. it’s too spare not to make me howl with laughter!










i love the frugal styling and colors and of course the slightly surreal and whimsical humor in every single one! i think i like worship me best, but his i prefer pucci really offers us a sneaky glimpse into the mind and the ridiculously playful stream of consciousness where ideas are born. to hold those thoughts and get it out on paper is quite an accomplishment.

purchase originals and prints on marc’s website, or buy his pieces in greeting cards form at moo. and be sure to check his blog and flickr stream for other wonderful illustrations!

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