ravenswood art walk, part 2

More highlights of the Ravenswood Art Walk this past weekend:



great porcelain wall art and tabletop accessories from soda by amy


photography from phil marty


mixed media works from caroline anderson


jewelry from aphonia studios


postcard prints from bricolagelife


encaustic paintings from april nomellini


abstract paintings from armando pedroso

ravenswood art walk, part one

The conditions at the Ravenswood Art Walk were much better than the last show I covered, because this show was indoors. The only challenge was trying to take photographs; too many long dark corridors and oddly placed skylights and windows prohibited me from practicing my photojournalistic skills. Some of these images are from the artist websites instead of from yours truly, but despite this I think you’ll get the point. 🙂


wood-fired pottery from Ben Richey


colorful works in oil from Juliann (Yuxiao) Wang


 mixed media pieces from Frances Temchin



intriguing deconstructed food photography from michelle simon

melissa peck paintings

Beloved readers, may I present to you this filled-to-the-brim-with-beauty collection of paintings from Utah artist Melissa Peck? I am really enjoying it. There is something about the people and the places they are in that appeals to me so strongly. At first glance it feels like haunted vision of humanity, tempered with soft notes. Something Victorian feeling, something inviting, and also somewhat plaintive. I am intrigued by the serious expressions of the subjects, which are offset by the carefully placed punches of high energy color. It’s mysterious, and yes indeedy, I am enjoying it a lot.





I also love the use of little bits of paper Melissa incorporates into her work from the homework and correspondence of her daughters.

See much more at Melissa’s website and roll along on her painting odyssey on her very intimate feeling blog. You can also see select works in person at Bonner David and Coda galleries in Scottsdale and Park City, respectively.

michele muennig prints and paintings

i am going a little nuts today staring at the beautiful mixed media pieces, monoprints and paintings of california artist (and fellow tulane alum) michele muennig. these works move me with their moody color palettes and symbolic imagery. there is a mystical energy about them and the unfolding, haunting narrative themes evoke ideas of fairy tales, or the nightmares within them. the longer i look at michele’s work, the blurrier the line between dreaming and being awake becomes.








what a powerful, successful collection.

you can find more info about michele and see more engrossing works on her website.

justin taylor paintings

loving the light and the intimacy in these oil works on canvas from utah artist justin taylor. the honesty in the eyes and natural posing is just perfect.




see more of justin’s work on his website, say hi to him on his blog, and if you happen to be ambling around park city or santa fe, stop by the terzian galleries or the blue rain gallery to see them in person, respectively.

the art of angela petsis

today i have a terrible internet connection, but am loving the soothing tones and soft layers on this mixed media work from dynamic artist angela petsis. these acrylic and collage pieces represent only a fraction of angela’s formidable work– she also has strong beeswax, polaroid transfer and altered book page collections. i am enjoying the cohesive motifs of so many mysterious tales and romantic, melancholic, even tragic stories, which unfold in front of my eyes the longer i look.







see more of angela’s fabulous work on her website and flickr stream, and purchase select works at her etsy shop.

paintings on pencils by ghostpatrol

look at these unusual acrylic and ink paintings from the mysterious melbourne-based multimedia artist ghostpatrol. they’re precisely painted onto rows of yellow pencils, which have been carefully stripped of their color in the image area. the subjects and the ultimate results are perfectly meticulous and just a little bit spooky.





see much more at the ghostpatrol website, where you can purchase select art pieces and contact the artist.

via designzen

tummy mountain’s art prints (charming)

psssst. ever wanted to feel like a kid again? then come with with me to a magical place where all you do is play outside all day, eat cake and make harmless mischief. the place is tummymountain, a charming place created by talented australian artist and imaginative raconteur lloyd. if the happy imagery doesn’t whisk you away to that far-off place you used to inhabit as a carefree child, the wonderful storytelling certainly will!






browsing his collection at first i thought these prints, made from original paintings, would be a marvelous addition to a child’s room. the more i look at them though, the more i think i just want to move up to the mountain and live in harmony with these wee little characters. i can totally relate to the girl on the slide. i think we’d be best friends.

visit the tummy mountain blog right here, and purchase these prints here (where you will read, among many other things, that the artist’s favorite material is chocolate).

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