adam ekberg photography

interesting, mysterious pieces in this photography collection by chicago photographer adam ekberg. adam enjoys the juxtaposition of the banal with the phenomenal. fleeting events are recorded to initiate a setting or an environment, as well as to create implied self portraits (in which he is conspicuously missing). it feels very earnest to me and i appreciate the chronicling of everyday life as he sees it.


see more on adam’s website.

the art of katrine kalleklev

i am love love LOVING the beautifully expressed moods through the mixed media, collage and digital work of skillful norwegian artist katrine kalleklev.


these pieces feel so lonely to me and there are lovely grey tones which really match the color of the sky every time i look up around here lately. it just fits.

see more charming work on katrine’s website. she has an invite-only blog too.

via beth

a thankful holiday (and grateful blogger)


Brother Sun by nikaa

Okay, we all know that Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have a lot to be thankful for, right? I personally have tons to be thankful for this year, frankly every year, but especially this year. I have said to a few people just this week that for the last several years I have been in varying states of depression, ranging from mild to debilitating. Unless you read my about page you might not know this. I never talked about it out loud that much, but you probably didn’t have to hear it to know, you could probably tell my the look on my face how bad it was at any given moment. My kind was that terrible feeling of being overwhelmed and filled with anxiety, to the point of being paralyzed to act on anything. It always manifested itself in the worst way right at the beginning of each previous holiday season too, but this year is different. Now, lately and right now as I write this, I feel like I am finally coming into the light after a really long time. Consistently. Everyday. Not just a good day or two here and there and then back into the dumper. Progress. I feel better about myself in new and different ways. And I suspect that, among other things, it is from the creative things that I decided to take up, like pecking around the internet and writing about what I find (writer’s block notwithstanding), and snapping my photos of odd alluring things.

These simple but pleasurable tasks have created some powerful momentum for me, so I am giving thanks to all of you who come to visit me here. You have influenced my progress. You gently push me along my path, you encourage me and make me think, you make me laugh out loud with your comments and emails and have provided me with steam and movement and courage to dig deep and wonder what I might be capable of doing from a creative or artistic point of view. I am encouraged to let my mind go. Since I am a bit of a control freak that last part is the biggest challenge for me but I remain undaunted because deep down inside I know the best creative bits that have not yet showed themselves to me will rise to the surface. In the meantime the interaction I have going with you helps me to get there in not-so-mysterious ways.

I’ve enjoyed myself during my time off. I totally needed it, especially this week, because we are doing a rogue Thanksgiving dinner today instead of Thursday and I am doing the cooking! I come from a long line of rogues and am proud of my heritage. 🙂 Anyway, I’m still slightly blocked but my outlook is positive and I’ll be back in full force after the holiday with lots of new fresh and inventive things to show you. I will also be covering the One of a Kind Show here in Chicago at the end of next week. I can’t wait! Believe you me there will lots of eye-popping goodness over there: 500 vendors with their high quality handmade goods, and an additional gallery section with larger scale works. I’ll be showing you the best of the best. Till then, I wish a lovely holiday to my friends in the states and a nice rest of the week to my friends across the globe!

a tiny moment of venting


headache by suzi q

I just want to tell you guys that I am having the worst creative block I have ever had blogwise.  I have been writing practically nonstop since June of 2007 and I think I’ve hit a brick wall. This block is actually affecting another creative project I am doing with someone else too and it is really frustrating.

I hope you will understand and stick around if I take a day off here and there to try and kickstart myself to be motivated again. I think I need a fresh perspective and some time away from the computer to clear whatever is cluttering my mind.

a little leaf study

Hi there lovely people. I am a little frustrated getting this post out to you right now so late, and apologetic too. My laptop seems to be on its last legs and I just can’t get it to save or publish when I need to get my articles out there! I have given up for tonight, so for now please enjoy the changing of the seasons in these photos while I get it together technology-wise. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and my computer will be back to its normal robust self!






what i’m doing tonight

My excitement is building to go and see the Ray LaMontagne concert!

un bon weekend

I feel like it has been a while since I said “so long, I am off to Michigan for the weekend” because of all the health issues with the animals in my house this summer. I’m saying it now though. We are sneaking off for a long rejuvenating weekend, one that consists of not staring at computers till we go cross-eyed, trying to focus on the tiny screens of our cell phones or having to stop some fun or creative activity so we can hurry off to go do some errand thing that needs to get done right away. Sick of that.


I hope your weekend is a happy and relaxing one as well!

target dorm commercial

it’s that time of year when i wax nostalgic about heading off to the hallowed halls and oak lined quads of tulane to get my learning paper, so i am really enjoying this television commercial for target.

i wish this was the kind of roommate experience i had – a dance off! instead i got paired with a long island princess who brought a freezer bag full of weed and a big clear red transparent plastic bong that our resident advisor thought was a vase (not kidding).

ah, youth.

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