my beautiful backside sofa by doshi levien

gather round everyone and admire my beautiful backside! oh. oh no. i didn’t mean my backside, i meant the very modern sofa from nipa doshi and her design partner (and husband) jonathan levien for moroso. i am quite batty about the high asymmetrical backs, the gorgeous indian textile choices and exaggerated style. it was inspired by a painting called the garden of life.




i don’t care if i am looking at the front or the back, i like it from every angle.

see more design excellence from the talented duo right here.

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artghost prints

seattle artists (and husband and wife team) eric adler and liz wong make prints and paintings, personal accessories and greetings with retro style and a wicked sense of humor for their artghost studio.






purchase these pieces at the artghost website, see what liz and eric are doing at their blog and be sure to check out liz’s website too!

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it’s pop it’s art prints by airside

look at these fun and bright screenprints and canvases featuring famous song lyrics from the it’s pop it’s art collection from london design company airside. they are working in conjunction with emi, the music publishing company to create these quirky and playful limited edition posters, which were inspired by the connection and love of music and art.




i love graphic word and art combinations and think these are so playful and appealing.

purchase the collection at the airside shop and see lots of other cool things around their site too!

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mara snoeren illustrations: let’s chat!


i have been following the playful artwork of dutch artist mara snoeren on her blog hemelsgroen (which roughly translates into heaven’s green) for quite some time and love them all. every time i see a new colorful piece from her i am grinning from ear to ear – that is how joyful and festive her digital and mixed media creations make me, no matter what the subject. there is a freshness and simplicity in her style that just grabs me. let’s have a chat with mara and find out more!


q: where do you live, and where do you create your art?
a: i live in rotterdam, the netherlands, on a small island in the river maas. i work as a graphic designer in a small company in rotterdam. the pieces on my website i make just for fun in my spare time, though, and i make them at home using any available space.


q: what is your background, and did you study art formally?
a: yes, i studied illustration at the willem de kooning art academy in rotterdam.


q: how are your pieces made? what types of media or techniques do you use?
a: first comes the idea. i always need some sort of assignment to get me going. (this is why i studied design rather than art.) illustration friday is a wonderful initiative that gives out a new topic each week. depending on my interpretation on the subject, i choose my technique. it is usually mixed media as i find this the most natural and playful method for me. i use anything that fits the idea: modelling clay if i need something three dimensional, magazines to cut out for a collage, my camera to take photos, digital brushes or just plain pencils.


q: do you have a favorite piece that you have made? if you do, why is it your favorite?
a: i have several favourites for several different reasons, but not one in particular. some of my favourite stuff:


emergency: i like this because the idea comes out just way i had it in mind.


visitors: this one looks so cheerful!


suit: simple and strong.

q: is your work for sale?
a: ehm, no not really because i make this work just for pleasure. however, i’d be happy to take on assignments. i am always interested in nice projects!


q: what is your inspiration for these lively, positive works? do you have a message you want to send through these pieces?
a: the given topics on illustration friday ARE my inspiration! i let the word sink in and consider all the associations i have with the subject. then i filter out the idea that can be transformed to an illustration. sometimes i stick to my original concept, but it also happens that i change things along the way. i which case it’s the material or technique i work with that inspires me. i don’t have an overall message to send, but if i spread some happiness in the process, that would be perfect.


be sure to check out mara’s blog to see a terrific portfolio of her artwork. maybe one day she will open an online shop and we all will be able to enjoy her art in person everyday!


thank you mara!

touch sensitive dog lamp

i like this playful dog lamp from propaganda, and think it would be a lot of fun in a kid’s room. come to think of it, it wouldn’t look half bad on my desk either. the lamp is touch sensitive, so every time you pat the dog’s “head” you’re rewarded with adjusted light levels. fun!



one thing: i wish this was made of metal instead of plastic (it would probably get too hot to touch though, so plastic does make sense in this application).

£74.99 at drinkstuff.

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summer salt design

i like these sweet little one of a kind birdie arches from california crafter nicole peterson for her summer salt design company. they measure about 5″h x 7″w and include embellishments like vintage millinery flowers and glass beads. i think they’d be cute in a child’s room.



hold on – nicole makes cute reuseable shopping bags and purses too!





i like nicole’s eye for fabrics, finishing and color combinations. these are bound to bring the spring on just a little bit earlier!

check out nicole’s blog here and purchase these and other cute items over at her shop.

vitra bovist floor pillows

oh, dear, more embroidery — i think i have a craft crush! i love the color combinations and imagery (your choice of doves, lacemaker or pottery) printed on these fun hassock pillow ottomans by dutch superdesigner hella jongerius for vitra. it’s made of a vicose/linen blend fabric, and filled with little plastic balls. it claims to be quite supportive because of the way the sides are sewn, so you probably won’t flop down like when you sit in a beanbag. what a great way to add extra seating to your living room and splashes of brightness and pattern too.




that chocolate, khaki and pink combination up there at the top is making me insane. and don’t you love that little handle on the edge, so you can drag it around from room to room with you?

find them at design public, where i could easily spend way too much money.

2008 noa bembibre calendar

hurrah! clever spanish graphic designer noa bembibre has released her 2008 calendar into the universe, and just like last year’s, her amusing, playful and nonsensical phrases do not disappoint!



noa_bembibre_calendar_2008_october noa_bembibre_calendar_2008_november

thank you noa for letting me know!

it’s about 11 x 17″, and you can purchase it for 22 euros on noa’s website, or for us $35 at kiosk.

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