sérigraphie cinqunquatre screenprint art

I need to show you one more peek of what I saw at the Renegade show last month, and then I’ll stop for a while. I love LOVE all the inventive, urbane silkscreen work that the French Canadian team of Alice Jarry and Jason Cantoro do for their design and printmaking company, Sérigraphie Cinqunquatre. The motifs of Alice and Jason are a bit different but their bold styles, high levels of technical skill and unconventional points of view converge seamlessly into quite the formidable collection. The edgy, heavily textured pieces are rough, multilayered and extremely handmade, and their unique style translates directly into unusual print sizes too: from the odd 8″ x 22 1/2″ all the way up to a grand 4′ x 4′ (mounted on wood).








Did I mention that I love this collection? I’ve got 2 pieces right now and look forward to having a few more adorn my walls…

See all of Alice and Jason’s truly wonderful work at their website, where I am really enjoying practicing my reading in French (there is an English version too). If you are lucky enough to be in New York or Chicago, you can view select works in person at the Glowlab and AllRise galleries, respectively.

spooky shopping, halloween fun (round up)

I have seen a ton of awesome Halloweeny things in my travels in the computer ranging from funny and clever to slightly off-putting to downright creepy. I think you’re going to like some of them too.


Bone Chillers ice cube tray from Fred and Friends


chocolate bats and peanut butter cats from Dancing Deer Bakery


designy horror over at the Supermarket:

  1. sohan the scaredy ghost necklace from Corky Saint Clair
  2. Hood Swamp Owl at Night print by ahpeele
  3. cleaver pendant from Species by the Thousands


Skullions, Deviled Eggs and Scarrots dishtowels from the Spoon Sisters


limited edition flavors of Jones Soda


porcelain skull by Franz Ignaz Günther for the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg


freaky art from the boundless talent at Thumbtack Press:

  1. The Light in the Abandoned Gas Station by Jeremy Enecio
  2. Spooky Creeps by Jason Limon
  3. Edgar Allen Poe by Tony Bailey
  4. 3 Horrids by Gus Fink


sassy greetings from someecards


glittery skull votive holders from the Pottery Barn

and finally, some handmade scariness from our friends at Etsy:


  1. Spooky Boo Lantern from from MariposaAvenue
  2. Happy Jack-O-Lantern soupcan nightlight, also from MariposaAvenue
  3. Alone by DistressingDelilah
  4. Frankenbot the Mega Scary Robot from Jordan Alexander
  5. Knitted Ghost Plush Toy and Grave playset from sayraphim


Must…Stop…Eating… by Shutterbug Cel

Geez, that was more spooktacular than I thought… muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

ravenswood art walk, part 2

More highlights of the Ravenswood Art Walk this past weekend:



great porcelain wall art and tabletop accessories from soda by amy


photography from phil marty


mixed media works from caroline anderson


jewelry from aphonia studios


postcard prints from bricolagelife


encaustic paintings from april nomellini


abstract paintings from armando pedroso

the art of veronika nagy

i don’t think i have mentioned this before, but i have been diligently building a fabulous etsy bunny collection. now that you know, looky here what just came in the mail from talented california artist veronika nagy:


isn’t it clever? veronika’s work is not exclusively limited to rabbits either. she enjoys experimenting with different traditional and digital techniques, which is reflected in her eclectic collection filled with paintings, etchings and mixed media drawings. strong childhood narratives and a certain positive, dreamy energy run through her pieces too, which serves to link all the different mediums used very cohesively.







purchase these pieces and see more in veronika’s etsy shop, and see what she’s up to on her blog right here.

renegade craft fair chicago 2008: highlights


conditions were pretty intense at the renegade craft fair in chicago earlier today. the rain started in the morning and continued for hours and hours today. and it wasn’t a drizzle either; i am talking torrential downpours that left me soaked to the bone. i am happy to report that the shopping was absolutely terrific though, with plenty to see from vendors old and new. my camera survived thanks to the macgyver-styled ziplock bag cover i fashioned, and i came home with a big messenger bag filled with crafty goodness. i’ll be showing you the highlights in a few posts, starting with this one…



charming prints and sweet stuffies from denise simon




pretty porcelain jewelry from sofia masri


handmade boh bon soaps



berkley illustration wallets and prints



whimsical plush from kinderfluff



vintage typewriter key jewelry from the weekend store



elegant textile designs from maramiki


prints from the talented artists at charmingwall

the fair is on from noon-10 pm tomorrow (sunday), so if you’re local come on down and get inspired by some fabulous artists! if not, stay tuned for more highlights and links to the artists.

michele muennig prints and paintings

i am going a little nuts today staring at the beautiful mixed media pieces, monoprints and paintings of california artist (and fellow tulane alum) michele muennig. these works move me with their moody color palettes and symbolic imagery. there is a mystical energy about them and the unfolding, haunting narrative themes evoke ideas of fairy tales, or the nightmares within them. the longer i look at michele’s work, the blurrier the line between dreaming and being awake becomes.








what a powerful, successful collection.

you can find more info about michele and see more engrossing works on her website.

hannah waldron illustrations

it is clear from her illustrations that uk artist hannah waldron has a great sense of style and color. hannah enjoys creating delicate, nonexistent worlds and places in her limited edition screenprints, perhaps as much as i enjoy exploring them.


hannah_waldron_illustrations_tonight _i_am_an_owl_print


see more from hannah right here, and if you’re in or near london, catch her show at the old shoreditch station, which opens tonight and runs through october 8th, 2008.

via it’s nice that

tummy mountain’s art prints (charming)

psssst. ever wanted to feel like a kid again? then come with with me to a magical place where all you do is play outside all day, eat cake and make harmless mischief. the place is tummymountain, a charming place created by talented australian artist and imaginative raconteur lloyd. if the happy imagery doesn’t whisk you away to that far-off place you used to inhabit as a carefree child, the wonderful storytelling certainly will!






browsing his collection at first i thought these prints, made from original paintings, would be a marvelous addition to a child’s room. the more i look at them though, the more i think i just want to move up to the mountain and live in harmony with these wee little characters. i can totally relate to the girl on the slide. i think we’d be best friends.

visit the tummy mountain blog right here, and purchase these prints here (where you will read, among many other things, that the artist’s favorite material is chocolate).

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