silver artistry by miranda meilleur

have you seen this beautiful, sculptural, delicate, contemporary fine silver collection of home and body adornments from uk artist miranda meilleur? if not, you are in for a treat. miranda casts, spins, etches and pierces her pieces by hand to elegant perfection.





these photos truly compliment the stunning work featured in them.

see more and contact miranda on her website.

tina vlassopulos ceramics

i love the elegant earthenware created by london-based potter tina vlassopulos. tina frequently does one off pieces with organic, sculptural details, but the cream colored vases are production pieces from her echo collection.







i really like that smiley face vase.

see more on tina’s website and purchase the vases at hidden art.

michele pred mixed media sculpture

california artist michele pred creates three dimensional sculpture work out of confiscated items she has collected over the last five years from airport security checkpoints at the san francisco international airport. she collected these items to express the disruption we have felt in our everyday lives since the 9/11 attacks in a visual way. the works are open to interpretation of course, and to michele they represent the “arbitrary intrusion of disorder and all that is now lost and unrecoverable.”






what do they symbolize to you?

michele will be exhibiting her work in a solo chow at the john michael kohler arts center from june 15th – october 12th, 2008. if you can’t get there in person you can see her most excellent collection on her website.

anger release machine (interactive art)

you know right now i am not even on edge in the urban jungle but this goes along with that supermandolini poster i was talking about: behold the anger release machine by berlin-based artists ronnie yarisal and katja kublitz! it’s filled with assorted glass and ceramic objects that one can purchase to break, for purposes of releasing tension.




what a great interactive piece. although if i was in a snit i’d be sad afterwards if i bought all the lucky cats and smashed ’em.

the crystal glasses would be much more satisfying.

see more intrigue on their website.

via wrong distance

my beautiful backside sofa by doshi levien

gather round everyone and admire my beautiful backside! oh. oh no. i didn’t mean my backside, i meant the very modern sofa from nipa doshi and her design partner (and husband) jonathan levien for moroso. i am quite batty about the high asymmetrical backs, the gorgeous indian textile choices and exaggerated style. it was inspired by a painting called the garden of life.




i don’t care if i am looking at the front or the back, i like it from every angle.

see more design excellence from the talented duo right here.

via bonluxat

neha chandra picasso salt and peppers

i think these picasso salt and peppers from new delhi designer neha chandra are very pretty. i like how the pepper gently nests within the salt, creating a slightly different look every time you put them together. they were inspired by the works and forms of pablo himself.


i am not sure if these are in production but they would be a very graceful addition to a dining table if you ask me.

see more design concepts and contact neha here.

via designflute

mummy chair

this bright beech wood and stretchy ribbon-festooned mummy chair, from dutch designer peter traag for edra, certainly looks like it will wrap you in comfort the moment you sit in it.


see what i did there?

find it at moss.

thaddeus erdahl ceramics

this work from florida-based sculptor thaddeus erdahl is terrific. so many stories being told with skillful technique in an expressive, tactile medium. thaddeus is influenced by everyday life and pop culture, and is intrigued and by elemental human emotion as well as fantasy and children’s literature. he dexterously creates a multitude of feelings and energy through these dramatically detailed pieces.




see more of the collection and contact thaddeus on his website.

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